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How to efficiently manage PC refresh and data migration for a remote workforce

How to efficiently manage PC refresh and data migration for a remote workforce

COVID-19 continues to challenge corporations with the new remote-work paradigm. One of those challenges is getting people up and running on new computers. A recent study by Gartner HR showed the rise of the hybrid workplace—that is, employees spending time both at home and at the office more so than ever. As business leaders plan and execute reopening their workplaces, they are evaluating more permanent remote working arrangements to meet employee expectations and to build more resilient business operations. ITProPortal, a respected UK technology publication, recently featured an article by Laplink CEO, Thomas Koll, who addressed ongoing Covid-19 migration challenges and how PCmover by Laplink can meet those challenges.

Meeting challenges

Many application and data migrations are done manually. Complex migrations from one device to another involves much more than just copying files to Microsoft OneDrive and dragging them over to a new machine. There are many specialized applications and PC settings crucial to a worker’s role that need attention.

For many larger organizations, the go-to tool for setting up remote workers and handling hardware replacements from lease rotations has been Microsoft’s User State Migration Tool (USMT). However, this tool fails in many key areas—long set up time, specialized coding, employees not finding their apps and other settings when they log in to their new computer, and more.

Fortunately, as Mr. Koll explains in the article, the PCmover from Laplink answers all of these pain points.

Find out what other insights the Gartner survey found and how Laplink PCmover can meet hybrid workplace challenges.

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