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Consumers Report They Would Purchase Their Next PC Sooner if PCmover Were Included with the New PC

Setting up a new PC can be frustrating. In a recent survey, respondents confirmed that the complexity and hassle of setting up a new computer without the help of PC transfer software makes them reluctant to purchase a new PC. Furthermore, the survey revealed that nearly 75% of participants would have opted for a PC sooner if PCmover had been included with their new PC at the time of purchase. Moreover, an overwhelming majority of customers appreciate the ease of use, speed, and accuracy of PCmover when transferring their programs, files, and settings from an old PC to a new one, regardless of the version of Windows running on the old or on the new PC. 

“Most consumers don’t know where all of their data resides on their PCs, so they need intelligent data transfer software that’s also easy to use. They want to avoid having to move everything manually to an external hard drive, track down software, license keys, browser settings, and perform other customizations by themselves,” said Thomas Koll, CEO of Laplink Software. “Without PCmover, the process can take several hours and users usually end up missing data. In addition, Laplink offers complimentary 24/7 Free Transfer Assistance from certified migration experts, which is available by phone, email, and live chat via our website.”

In fact, the top two reasons consumers reported they hesitate to buy a new PC are the cost of the new PC and the extra work needed to setup and transfer everything from an old PC to a new one. With data transfer concerns top of mind for consumers, PC manufacturers choosing to address this hesitancy by bundling PCmover with new PCs may increase sales of new PCs, as well as customer satisfaction overall.  Read more.


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