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Laplink Connections: Interview with Mike Nash

The latest episode of Laplink Connections highlighted Laplink Software CEO Thomas Koll’s discussion with Mike Nash, newly promoted Chief Customer Experience Officer at HP Inc., about PC innovation, customer experience, and his advice for young managers dreaming of a career in technology.

Since Mike oversees HP’s work to ensure excellent end-to-end customer experience for the company’s entire product and service portfolio of personal systems, printers, and 3D printing solutions, he brought a unique point of view to their discussion. During the interview, Thomas and Mike talked about the opportunities they see for new technology breakthroughs that will change the experience that people will have with their PCs in the future.

“At HP, we are very focused on the concept of One Life. That’s the notion around how our personal lives and our work lives blend together,” says Mike. “That’s true of devices … I have the freedom not to be in front of my computer. This ‘One Life’ concept is something that we’ve really been investing in and thinking about for a long time.”

Mike explained how, in some ways, the pandemic was a catalyst for hybrid work and what HP used to call ‘One Life’ is actually what people are now calling hybrid work environments. Thomas and Mike also discussed how companies can build technologies that help customers deal with those hybrid work situations – whether it is the blending of your work life with your personal life or the changing of your working location between home and office.


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