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From the CEO: Laplink turns 39!

In May, Laplink celebrates its 39th anniversary, which is a great achievement in itself. We have witnessed the birth of the digital economy, of the personal computer, and of other devices. Not many of our partners and competitors can say the same, which reminds us that, every year, we face new challenges that require determination, creativity and the willingness to change and take risks.

This year is no different. The continuation of the pandemic, a war in Ukraine that affects all of us, supply chain challenges, and difficult economic indicators give us pause both in our personal lives and as a technology company focused with a vision to drive the innovation we need to improve how we use our personal devices.

CEO of Intel Pat Gelsinger concluded recently that the “chip shortage will remain a challenge for the industry until at least 2024”, but notes this as an opportunity that has Intel “rising to the challenge” with over $60 billion in investments in new production facilities in the US and Europe. It has been no secret that our global economies are dependent on one another, and now it has become obvious that disruption in a single region can have disturbing consequences on a global scale. Intel is in a good position to master these trends.

Over the last few decades, we’ve partnered with Intel, not only in building our software on the Intel platform, but also in product promotions, product development, actioning customer feedback, and taking a joint stance in the industry. Today, with the current launch of Intel 12th generation (“Alder Lake”) chips now under way, we are more aware than ever of the need to partner smart hardware with smart software. We’ve announced the latest step together in the Intel-Laplink partnership by matching Laplink’s new PC management tool with Intel’s vPro platform, that together allow more security, reliability, and manageability to new audiences.

Laplink Everywhere is an enterprise grade Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) solution for SMB. It is designed to simplify complex IT infrastructures – locally or remotely – and to be set up in as little as five minutes. This is very important to us considering that about 40% of SMB do not have dedicated IT personnel. Regardless of the size of the organization, more than ever companies across the globe have an imminent need to monitor and maintain the health of their PC infrastructure from anywhere, and at any time, even from devices such as a tablet or smartphone. Though built with small and midsize organizations in mind, Laplink Everywhere is also the perfect tool to manage a multi-PC household or your family’s distributed PCs.

The launch of the new generation of chips has another significance for us as well. Recently, we announced a new partnership with LG, which is bundling PCmover Professional with their new “LG grams”, a wonderful edition of powerful, ergonomic and versatile laptops. It’s wonderful to see LG join the ranks with Microsoft, Intel, HP, Dell, NEC and Lenovo to recommend, sell, and bundle our flagship product. I’m looking forward to trying out the new LG gram laptops with the powerful Intel 12th gen chip — and you should, too!

To be more productive and efficient in your home office, whether for personal or professional use, making sure that we have the right hardware and the right software at home is important. Right now, there are great offers available on current inventory for those who enjoy to taking advantage of a bargain, or for buyers who value new technology that comes with the next generation of PCs. Whatever your reason to purchase a new PC, PCmover remains the best software on the market to move everything — including files, data, settings, and applications — from your old PC to a new one in your home, office, or hybrid workspace.

“PCs remain a pretty important category in people’s lives is what we discovered during the pandemic,” commented Satya Nadella in Microsoft’s last earnings call. “And if anything, the intensity of usage has increased.” I agree with him. Although, there might be ups and downs in the growth rates. At Laplink, as we enter our 40th year in business, we are innovating with new products and with new use cases as we endeavor to make PC users’ lives easier and more productive. We continue to support our customers with exemplary round-the-clock support — an unusual find in our industry — and we remain confident in our ability to bring you new innovations, adaptations, new thinking, and productive partnerships at every step.

For Laplink, it’s full steam ahead! We hope you’ll join us in celebrating 39 years of success with us. Use the promo code LAPLINK39 through May 20 at checkout and receive 39% off site-wide.


Thomas Koll, CEO
Laplink Software, Inc.


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