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Enhancing Your Digital Home: Windows 11 Prompts The PC Upgrade

On October 5, Microsoft® released a new operating system: Windows 11. At first, many were confused and surprised. For years, we’ve heard Microsoft proclaim that Windows 10 would be everlasting. But the implications of the new OS are greater than they seem at first glance. With Windows 11, Microsoft is declaring a new era of computing — a future in which the PC is once again the central platform for computing, fully integrated with Cloud services, devices, communication networks, and information or media services. And this comes as no surprise. For some time now, Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, has led the crusade to declare the intelligent edge, an important component needed to reach ubiquitous and smart computing.

Whether one likes or hates it, Microsoft has had tens of thousands of developers working diligently to improve its software. Microsoft’s innovation, alongside millions of developers at other companies, has created a level of digital aptitude that lays the groundwork for worldwide cooperation and increased human productivity.

It’s easy to dismiss the continuous update cycles we see in all our intelligent devices these days and complain over yet another update. But it’s important to remember that updates and upgrades allow us to be more productive, more connected, and more protected. And active users will love the new Windows features built to make our multi-monitor, multi-device lives much easier.

A PC is not an empty space. It’s a home. The PC is the environment where we access most of our content and tools that let us create new ideas, connections, work, and content. Our PC is the center of our creative existence where we have the potential to realize our dreams. It’s also where information, learning, and enjoyment collide. In the last thirty years, life has sped up. Today, we can tap into every information source, communicate easily to anyone, and improve the lives for people — loved ones and strangers alike — around the world.

Purchasing a new PC is never only a new beginning; it’s the continuation of what we had and did before. A new PC gives us the opportunity to progress our world with the help of a new and improved platform to adapt and accelerate what we do with increased efficiency, and in a better way.

For as long as Windows has existed, Laplink has worked alongside Microsoft, Intel, and major PC manufacturers to improve the switch to a new PC. Some believe that just moving files via backup services is good enough, but nowadays we need to transfer gigabytes — or even terabytes — of files, hundreds of applications, and millions of settings and connections to a new PC as we claim it as our new creative platform. For years, Laplink’s PCmover has been the tool of choice to do the job. And with the release of Windows 11, we have updated our flagship product to make the move from older versions of Windows to Windows 11 an easy, pain-free process for private and commercial users alike.

We at Laplink are proud that PCmover has become the most recommended and widely used product to migrate to a new PC, regardless of whether you’re moving from old Windows version or from the same version. Users simply select what needs to be transferred and step through the setup wizard. Our new “PC Reconfigurator” tool is also a part of PCmover, which allows users to modify the data structure across disparate hard drives. Until now, that was nearly impossible to do. We’ve made the interaction with PCmover as easy as possible, backed by the power to address even the most complex individual problems.

Among these highlights are:

  • Simple wizard
  • Complete selectivity
  • Auto-detect and connect capabilities
  • Cloud directory transfer
  • Default folder reconfiguration technology
  • 24/7 free assistance
  • Easy “undo”

Laplink is very proud to have served customers for nearly 40 years alongside Microsoft, Intel, HP, Dell, Lenovo/IBM, and many others, and we’re proud of our team who always goes the extra mile to serve our customers.

Best Regards,

Thomas Koll, CEO
Laplink Software, Inc.

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