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Laplink Connections: Interview with Susanne Müller-Zantop of CEO Positions

Laplink Connections with CEO Positions

As part of our continuing series of Laplink Connections interviews where we connect with thought leaders to discuss the latest news and technology trends, Thomas Koll talks with Susanne Müller-Zantop, managing director of CEO Positions, about how top executives are changing their communications strategies during the remote time of COVID-19.

C-level executives are taking a much more active approach to leadership and communications during the pandemic and they are using technology tools that were not implemented as frequently in the past – even though the technology has been available for some time. In fact, video communications tools for teams working throughout companies are now being embraced like never before.

Given the need for social distancing to avoid spreading COVID-19, many organizations are juggling remote workforces in various regions and developing new ways to lead and communicate with teams remotely. There has been a significant shift to using various video communications platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and other channels for day-to-day business meetings and to manage ongoing work teams’ interactions. And to instill a sense of connectedness among employees despite the reality of working remotely, many organizations are implementing more frequent video communications with all employees via CEO updates, all hands meetings and other forums.

A Changing, Remote Workforce Landscape

Thomas and Susanne discussed several other innovative ways that top executives are implementing technology and new communications strategies to help their organizations navigate the changing business landscape during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thomas explained how organizations around the world are using Laplink’s PCmover Enterprise software to simplify and streamline PC migrations for their remote workers. Susanne also shared an example of how one CEO introduced a company-wide Instagram account where his company’s 30,000 employees were encouraged to share their video clips of cooking recipes, hairstyling tips, towel art and other fun content as a creative way to foster a sense of connectedness among its employees during the pandemic.

Check out the video below for more interesting insights!

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