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A letter from the CEO: New PCmover Enterprise features

Hi Everyone!

At Laplink, we are proud to offer the premium, best-in-class PC migration tool in the industry. Customers, both large and small, have benefited from PCmover Enterprise’s ease of use, speed, and cost savings. But we never sit still. For example, long before the pandemic hit, we were developing a way for our customers to completely manage and control multiple migration projects from a single PC. And we wanted them to be able to do it remotely. When it became evident that offices around the globe were turning to remote work, we sped up our development.

And now, I’m pleased to announce our newly enhanced PCmover Enterprise. Industry experts and our own enterprise clients have told us that the remote workforce model is here to stay. This, understandably left IT teams scratching their heads, wondering how they’re going to manage large numbers of remote PC migrations going forward. Their current tools like USMT and others either don’t offer or don’t adequately support migrations of remote workers. The answer lies in the new features and capabilities in PCmover Enterprise that make the PC deployment process faster and more efficient with less impact on employees.

With the enhancements, a single IT person, working from one machine, can remotely transfer data from an end-user’s old machine to their new machine. And the IT person can do this with multiple machines at a time. The end user—or end users—as the case may be, don’t have to do a thing—zero touch for them. We’ve even fully integrated transfers utilizing cloud storage to further minimize end-user downtime.

PCmover Enterprise is the industry’s first data migration tool to fully support both on-premise and off-premise PC data migrations. And of course, the entire process is fully secure. For more details on how it all works, read our blog.

I’m proud of the team here at Laplink. I’m proud of our latest enhancements to PCmover Enterprise. And I’m proud that for nearly 40 years, we’ve been helping organizations save time and money since the days of Microsoft DOS. We truly do make it easy to automate PC deployments.
If you would like to test out these new features before they are released for general availability, please reply to this email and I’ll be sure we follow up. And please feel free to go to our website and schedule time with an expert, request a fully functional copy for testing, or contact sales.

Thanks for your time. Stay safe – and prepare for your next PC refresh project with Laplink’s PCmover!

Best regards,




Thomas Koll – CEO
Laplink Software, Inc.

P.S. Feel free to try out PCmover Enterprise right now, or forward this email to whomever is the right person is in IT for PC migrations and OS refreshes. You’ll receive a FREE, no obligation, fully functional license to test.

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