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Laplink Celebrates 37 Years with Donations To Maker Mask

We’re 37!

Change can be hard. And in the case of COVID-19, change can be scary. Having gone from living our normal, everyday lives just a few months ago to now remaining indoors without seeing our loved ones–the change came swift and strong.

Laplink turns 37 this week, but it doesn’t feel like a time for normal celebration. So instead, we’ll use this occasion to support a greater cause: the health and safety of our neighbors, families, and friends.

Join Us in Supporting Maker Mask

To commemorate 37 years, we’re donating $10,000 to Maker Mask–a grassroots nonprofit, rapidly growing into a global community. Maker Mask created the first federally-approved plan for 3D printed respirator-style masks. They created a network of nearly 10,000 small-batch production sites to manufacture the masks using 3D printers, and deliver them to local communities across the U.S. and around the world.

Our donation will offset some of the costs of mask-making materials and other operational expenses, according to Maker Mask’s leader Jonathan Roberts.

But we don’t want that support to end there.

Celebrate With Us & We’ll Keep Donating!

Starting today, customers can use the code “LAPLINK37” when making a purchase at www.laplink.com to save 37% on their purchase, and 10% of the proceeds of that sale will go to Maker Mask. That’s on any Laplink website purchase from May 11 through May 24.

And through June 30, Laplink will donate 50% of its PCmover Business Technician Licensing Program signup fees to Maker Mask. The Technician License provides small to medium businesses more flexibility in a pay-per-use format. You’re only invoiced for what you use, when you use it.

Anniversaries are a big deal, especially to companies that have survived and thrived through massive technological change. So while we’re proud of our 37 years, this time our focus is to support those who are fighting to make sure we all have birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations to celebrate next year.

Learn more about how you can celebrate with us, while also supporting Maker Mask!

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