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Move to Windows 10 Technical Preview Free

Are you testing out Windows 10 Technical Preview? Good news! Laplink is offering PCmover Express for free!

windows 10 technical preview

Just like in Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Technical Preview doesn’t support a variety of migration scenarios. As a partner with and supporter of Microsoft, Laplink is cooperating with Microsoft to make using Windows 10 Technical Preview as easy and productive as possible.

In the past, Windows Easy Transfer was a good option for migrating user data and settings, but similar to Windows 8.1, the Windows 10 Technical Preview significantly restricts the functionality of Windows Easy Transfer. First, only data can be migrated and only through external media, like an external hard drive. Migration can’t be done over a network or using a direct-connect transfer cable, nor are Windows Easy Transfer Cables supported. Lastly, the source PC has to be running Windows 7 or 8 – it can’t be running Windows XP, 8.1, or 10.

PCmover doesn’t have any of these limitations. All versions of Windows, XP and later, are fully supported by PCmover, as are transfers across a network or using a direct connect cable (Ethernet, Laplink USB, or Windows Easy Transfer Cable). And, PCmover transfer more than just data – user profiles, settings, application settings, and much more can be migrated with just a few clicks. For those of you who want to migrate applications, check out PCmover Professional.

Microsoft previously selected PCmover as its recommended migration tool for Windows XP users looking to migrate to a new PC. That version of PCmover is available directly from Microsoft.

Laplink also offers PCmover Enterprise, allowing IT to manage migrations even for unmanaged PCs. It’s the fastest growing enterprise migration solution. No cost, no obligation evaluations are offered here.

PCmover Express can be downloaded directly from Laplink’s website and used at no cost for migrations to Windows 10 Technical Preview here.

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