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A New PC – Fear or Joy?

Laplink launches new “Free Transfer Assistance”

If you are like most people, you expect your personal computer will make you more efficient. It’s a tool to get more stuff done more quickly. And even as we use smartphones, tablets, or other computing devices, we still have significant reliance on our PCs.

Whether using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other productivity-focused software; whether editing videos or pictures; or whether running various games or entertainment programs, we expect our PCs to be there for us.

However, the world of personal computing has become more complicated, growing to include home networks, hotspots and interacting with other PCs, tablets, and phones. As the PC and its environment become more complicated, the typical PC user is more likely to need professional help now and then.

Getting a new personal computer should be exciting and rewarding. For many, though, the thought of setting up a new computer creates much fear and uncertainty. Mike Hogan, an editor of the well-respected Barron’s Magazine, recently asked in context of replacing a PC: “How many programs, utilities and games under your Windows Start button would you like to reinstall? Have all the discs? How many of your programs are no longer published, or require new versions ‘improved’ by limiting your favorite features?”

Over the last ten years, Laplink PCmover has made the new setup process much easier by automatically moving applications, data, and settings from an old PC to a new PC regardless of the Windows version. PCmover is still the top-selling and only program that can transfer all your “stuff” to a new PC, upgrade your old one, or restore a hard drive or image to a new Windows version. As Mr. Hogan also said in his recent article in reference to using PCmover to set up his new PC: “I’ve never been able to get a new PC looking this much like its predecessor before, regardless of how many hours I invested…”

Nonetheless, even using PCmover to set up a new PC can be complex. From customer feedback, we find that most customers were very happy with PCmover but some had other issues, such as not having their home networks properly set up. Sometimes the old and new PCs were prevented from communicating due to Windows’ settings or other software. Other users were unsure which applications were compatible with their new operating system. There were also questions related to PCs being a part of different workgroups or corporate domains.

Given this feedback and recognizing the growing complexity of PC environments, PCmover now comes with “Free Transfer Assistance” , a free phone call to a trained professional who will assist or actually perform the transfer remotely, helping the user through each step of the new PC set-up process.*

Over 95% of customers are either satisfied or very satisfied with this service, making PCmover as close as you can get to “A Technician in the Box”. We can’t do magic but we can make setting up a new PC simple.

For 30 years, Laplink has been the leader in helping you move to a new PC and we’re still finding ways to make it easier than ever!

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