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Upgrading a PC? Give the gift of Laplink PCmover to make transferring data from an old PC to a new PC quick and easy.

Upgrading our computers has become a common occurrence. Whether it's for work or personal use, having a new and improved PC can greatly enhance our productivity and overall computing experience. However, a major hurdle to the process of upgrading is facing the daunting task of transferring data from the old PC to the new one. Thankfully, there is a solution that makes transferring data to a new PC quick and easy — for both tech-savvy and non-techie people alike!

Introducing Laplink PCmover

Say goodbye to tedious manual transfers and say hello to the convenience and efficiency of Laplink PCmover. PCmover simplifies the process of transferring all files, settings, applications, user profiles — even your desktop wallpaper — from an old PC to a new one. With just a few clicks, PCmover securely and efficiently migrates all your data, ensuring a seamless transition to your new computer. 

Transfer applications and settings

One of the outstanding features of PCmover is its ability to transfer applications, ensuring that all of your essential programs are available and ready to use on the new computer. PCmover saves valuable time by automatically moving your applications to the new PC — eliminating the need for the time-consuming and potentially error-prone re-installation of programs one by one. PCmover also transfers application settings so they retain their familiar look and feel once they’re installed on the new PC.

Transfer files and data

PCmover makes transferring files and data a breeze. Simply migrate everything or select specific files and folders you want to transfer to the new PC. This flexibility ensures that you have full control over what data gets transferred, minimizing the risk of cluttering your new PC with unnecessary files. PCmover transfers an exact copy of everything you select, so nothing is lost on the old PC or overwritten on the new PC.

Upgrade from an old OS or from a broken computer

PCmover supports a number of different migration scenarios, making it ideal for any upgrade situation you might face. It’s built to move everything you choose from an old PC to a new one, but it also works if you are upgrading from an old Windows OS to a new one. PCmover can also migrate data from a computer that won’t turn on. Transferring can happen easily over any internet connection, or via an optional transfer cable for the fastest transfer speeds.

Use the simple set-up wizard

PCmover’s user-friendly interface automates the entire process for a hassle-free PC transfer experience for individuals, small businesses — even IT staff and end-users performing large-scale PC refresh projects for enterprises with dispersed and hybrid workforces. (Wondering which edition of PCmover is right for your unique PC transfer needs? We compared their  for you.) The step-by-step setup wizard guides you through the transfer process, ensuring that you don't miss any crucial steps or important data along the way.

So, if you or your organization are planning to upgrade your PCs this holiday season or if you know of someone who is, consider giving the gift of Laplink PCmover. In fact, December 13-17, you can save 40% on PCmover Ultimate! With its ability to seamlessly transfer files, data, applications, settings, and user profiles, PCmover takes the stress out of upgrading and ensures your transition to your new computer is a smooth one. 

About Laplink Software

Trusted for over 40 years, Laplink continues to be a global leader in consumerSMB, and enterprise PC migration software, and has earned the loyalty and trust of millions of organizations and customers worldwide. The company’s PCmover software saves time and budget, reduces migration risks, and increases efficiency. Only PCmover’s proprietary technology includes full selectivity that transfers data, applications, and settings from an old PC to a new one, even if the two PCs run different versions of Windows. The privately held company was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.

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