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TechMayer Uses Laplink Everywhere and PCmover to Help Customers Save Time and Money

Benefits of Laplink Everywhere + PCmover + vPro 

  • Easy-to-use, cost-effective, and cloud-based PC lifecycle management solution
  • Robust remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution designed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses looking to manage devices for both remote and onsite employees.
  • Reduces time required for PC migrations by more than 50%
  • Eliminates time-intensive manual migration processes
  • Reduces time necessary for TechMayer’s support team and technicians working in the field
  • Increases IT team’s efficiency and ability to manage more projects


As a managed service provider (MSP) operating in Detroit’s Western Metro area, TechMayer helps its business customers ensure the availability and security of their infrastructures by providing IT services, such as PC system installation, maintenance, and backup as well as remote support for organizations’ servers and PCs. The team at TechMayer also helps businesses optimize their software solution investments by installing purchased software, configuring local or cloud-hosted software to meet the needs of their customers and providing custom solutions.

The company’s business customers operate in manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, and nonprofits, among other industries. In financial services, a top challenge for TechMayer is the careful management of varying set of applications and software required for each PC transfer.

For example, investment firms’ operations teams use one set of applications for coordination between vendors and banks, while fund managers who are executing trades and administrators who are focused on legal compliance use another set. In the health care industry, there are hundreds of different applications for managing HIPAA information alone that must be moved, plus specialized software programs that need to be configured correctly. In the nonprofits sector, TechMayer typically encounters significant data creep. Many nonprofits have been in operation for 20 to 30 years, which means there are often terabytes of data and history to migrate. And manufacturing is one of the most complicated industries that TechMayer serves, with machines operated by several different software applications to drive specific actions. TechMayer has been using PCmover for several years to manage PC migrations and other successful projects easily and efficiently for their customers in every industry.

Recently, TechMayer also evaluated Laplink Everywhere, a robust remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution designed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses looking to manage devices for both remote and onsite employees. Laplink Everywhere is designed to help IT teams unlock the benefits of Intel vPro® devices with enhanced built-in security, more manageability, automatic wireless optimization, and faster downloads and file transfers.



Laplink Everywhere is a cloud-based PC lifecycle management solution that provides enterprise-grade remote monitoring and management without the need for additional IT infrastructure or services, it enables Windows device management from anywhere — from any internet-connected device, such as a desktop or a notebook — even from a tablet or smartphone.

According to TechMayer’s Chief Technology Officer Andrew Mayer, Laplink Everywhere is a game-changing tool that can help his company get a foot in the door of management of the entire system for a company without investing thousands of dollars and bringing on a third-party vendor. With Laplink Everywhere built for smaller organizations, he also believes it would be a useful tool for his SMB customers to use autonomously for insights into their devices, manage patches, and automatically install and activate the migration software when it's time to switch devices.

“Laplink Everywhere was very easy to set up thanks to its user-friendly dashboard and the remote support that's offered is really incredible. Because Laplink has managed to put the agent software into a web browser, I can just log into the website and connect to any of the devices that are online and help the user out, instead of having to download a special app on my laptop, desktop, or phone,” says Mayer. “I actually tested it one time when I was traveling because the person on the other end couldn't quite figure out how to do something. I used the remote support on my cell phone in the airport and told the user, ‘Just click this and this and that and you're all set!’ That feature saved me a lot of hassle of asking the end user to describe all of the buttons, all the windows, and then having to talk through a complex process.”



Laplink Everywhere has the potential to transform TechMayer’s business, says Mayer.

“We definitely see the value in Laplink Everywhere, especially because small-to-medium business customers are working so hard to implement tools to leverage vPro. That's not something that we've seen in any of the other remote management suites that we've used and evaluated. None of those other products offered vPro integration like Laplink Everywhere does. We’ve even tried Microsoft's own support tool but that is not very helpful. So, it’s really nice to see something new in the industry,” says Mayer. “Organizations with hybrid and remote workforces will benefit from Laplink Everywhere because it is an easy-to-use, cost-effective cloud-based PC lifecycle management solution.”

In addition to Laplink Everywhere, Mayer says his company continues to receive significant value from Laplink’s other products, saying that PCmover typically saves at least 50% of time needed for a project and saves money — sometimes in significant amounts.

“We have an enterprise customer that makes electronic circuit boards using machines that have to pick up tiny parts, place them carefully on the board, and do that hundreds of times an hour. These machines are perfectly calibrated for the PCs that are driving them. If that PC fails, you have to put in an exact replacement or it just won't work, and that would be devastating for our customer,” says Mayer. “We had one of those computers fail, and the [PC] vendor had gone out of business. Fortunately, we were able to use PCmover to transfer to save the data from the hard drive using the offline transfer tool and we quickly moved all of the program settings and calibrations to a new machine and got them back up and running …where as a replacement would have cost them $100,000. Since PCmover was able to copy all of those calibration files over and fix the registry, it easily saved this customer $100,000. Laplink saved the day.”

For PC migrations, PCmover has also helped TechMayer save time and money. Before using PCmover, it took about 8 hours to do a full PC migration. Now, using PCmover they’ve cut that time in half.

“That time savings is important to us since we’re moving away from an hourly service model to fully managed service model. We are able to spend less time waiting for progress bars and hunting down tiny files and spend more time keeping our clients’ systems working as efficiently as possible,” says Mayer.

Laplink Everywhere is available now. Organizations interested in an easy, efficient, and cost-effective remote device monitoring and management solution can find more information at everywhere.laplink.com.

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