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Supporting Your Customers by Going the Extra Mile is a Win-Win

Great customer experiences are based on responsiveness, personalization, engagement, and proactive, helpful solutions. It’s about doing more than is expected. And according to Laplink CEO Thomas Koll, “Going the extra mile for customers” is a win-win scenario.

Customer Service Magazine recently published “Supporting Your Customers by Going the Extra Mile with Enhanced Support,” an article in which Thomas shares his company’s experience offering an expanded customer service program.

He explains that the Laplink customer service team initially only offered support for Laplink products. However, they soon noticed many customers were calling in for assistance with the PC-setup process and other peripheral issues.

So, the Laplink leadership team decided to expand the customer service model to support customers with all of their PC-setup concerns, in addition to supporting Laplink products themselves. Now known as Laplink's signature Free Transfer Assistance (FTA), expert customer service and technical support is now completely free to customers and available around the clock.

Sometimes, Thomas points out, this means helping customers with issues only indirectly related to the PCmover family of products. But the extra effort has paid off. The response to Laplink's expanded customer service offering has been overwhelmingly positive!

Read the full article in Customer Service Manager Magazine.

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