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PCmover® Enterprise Simplifies and Standardizes PC Deployments for Specialized Manufacturing Company

Companies around the world rely on Elliott® Group to manufacture their critical turbomachinery. With 1,500+ employees and 10 locations worldwide, Elliott Group needed a migration solution they could rely on to streamline and simplify their PC upgrade and deployment process.


The Situation

Previously, PC migrations were accomplished by manually moving data from each old to each new PC. This complicated and time-consuming process put strains on Elliott’s IT team and didn’t always produce the desired results.

“Previous methods were prone to inconsistency, and open to mistakes,” said Joseph Basista, Elliott’s IT Operations Manager. Even with a significant time investment, manually finding and moving user data, profiles, and other files can still lead to missed data.

“Previous methods were prone to inconsistency, and open to mistakes.”

Specifically, Mr. Basista found the lack of a controlled standard for migration endpoints to be challenging in manual upgrades. With 1,100 ongoing PC upgrades planned, the IT team needed a solution that would:

  1. Simplify the migration process.
  2. Decrease time spent on each migration.
  3. Consistently find and move all desired data.
  4. Establish a standard for migration endpoints


The Solution

The solution that Elliott Group selected was Laplink® PCmover® Enterprise. PCmover’s wizard interface provided the IT team with a simplified migration process. After overseeing ongoing PC upgrades for migrations from Windows XP to Windows 7, Basista said, “PCmover was easy to use and maneuver throughout. All of the features ran smoothly and made my job easy.” This ease of use created a much more efficient and timely process than the previous manual methods.

“PCmover was easy to use and maneuver throughout. All of the features ran smoothly and made my job easy.”

PCmover Enterprise consistently found all user files, profiles, and even applications and moved all desired data, eliminating the errors common with manual migrations. “By using PCmover, results were buttoned up,” related Basista.

Elliott Group’s IT team was especially impressed with PCmover Enterprise’s exceptional network drive mapping feature. PCmover automatically will set up the network drives on the upgraded PC the same as the drives were previously set up on the old PC, but if the new PC doesn’t have the same drive configuration, PCmover will still move the data to a sub folder of the C drive. The upgraded PC is ready for the employee to use without the IT team spending time on manual setup.

Overall, Basista found that by using PCmover Enterprise, a controlled standard was established for the PC upgrades. The IT team knew what to expect from every migration and they created a standardized approach to PC deployment.

PCmover Enterprise’s ability to alert the technician via text or email once their migration is complete allows them to attend to other tasks without being tied down. What’s more, the software has a simple one-click undo migration option should things not go as planned. This returns the new PC to its pre-migrated state. (Note: The old PC is unaltered by PCmover.)

PCmover Enterprise works out-of-the-box, but being policy manager driven, whitelists/blacklists can be created along with a whole host of other options to really configure migration projects. And, the robust reporting features provide clear analytics.


The Outcome

With Laplink® PCmover Enterprise, Joseph Basista and his team are working more efficiently, with less time spent on the details of the migrations. Results are consistent, and Elliott Group’s employees now receive their new PCs ready-to-use with all the familiarities of their old PCs and without the fear of data loss at the conclusion of the migrations.

To learn more about PCmover Enterprise, visit https://enterprise.laplink.com or contact corpsales@laplink.com

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