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Looking Back: Laplink Through The Years

Traveling Software, later renamed Laplink Software, boasts a captivating history that spans several decades. The company's breakthrough application, Laplink, allowed users to transfer files between two computers using a serial cable, revolutionizing the way data was shared in the early 80s. It was an instant success and quickly became one of the most popular utilities on the market.


Another turning point for Laplink came in 1992 with the release of Laplink for Windows. In an era before the internet was ubiquitous, transferring files between computers was a laborious task involving floppy disks and file fragmentation.

Laplink's innovative software transformed this process and allowed users to transfer files seamlessly between computers using a parallel or serial cable. It was a game-changing technology that quickly became the go-to utility for file transfers. In fact, it was such a tremendous success, the product became intertwined with the company's name (I'll Laplink that over to you!"). Even today, people still associate file transfer software with "Laplink," regardless of the actual product they are using.

Laplink Gold was a game-changing product that allowed users to access their home or work computer from anywhere in the world via the internet. Its release revolutionized file transfer and remote computer access, making it a must-have tool for businesses of all sizes. This innovative technology also cemented Laplink's position as a leader in the software industry.

Under the leadership of Thomas Koll, a former Corporate VP at Microsoft and former chair and CEO of Infowave Software, Laplink saw a significant expansion in its product line. In 2004, the company launched PCmover, which quickly became a popular choice for millions of people worldwide for transferring files, data, and settings from one computer to another. In addition to PCmover, Laplink has since introduced other software solutions, including Laplink Sync, Laplink DiskImage, and Laplink SafeErase, to cater to the diverse needs of its customers.

Laplink continued to lead the way in software innovation, partnering with major tech giants such as Microsoft and Intel to provide cutting-edge solutions. In 2014, Laplink collaborated with Microsoft to offer free data transfer software to Windows users transitioning from Windows XP, which had reached its end-of-support date. And in 2022, Laplink joined forces with Intel to launch Laplink Everywhere, a cloud-based remote monitoring and management solution designed to empower small to mid-sized businesses in managing their devices remotely for employees working from anywhere.

PCmover has become the top-selling software in its category, dominating the market for both consumer and SMB users. Meanwhile, the Enterprise version has established itself as the go-to solution for organizations undergoing a PC refresh. Laplink's success can be attributed to its ability to keep up with changing technologies and customer needs, continuing to innovate and expand its product offerings in collaboration with its partners. Over the past 40 years, Laplink has assisted millions of individuals, small businesses, and enterprises in transferring their data securely and reliably. As it continues to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the evolving technological landscape, Laplink's trusted reputation remains unwavering.

About Laplink Software

Trusted for over 40 years, Laplink has been a global leader in consumerSMB, and enterprise PC migration software, and has earned the loyalty and trust of millions of organizations and customers worldwide. The company’s PCmover software saves time and budget, reduces migration risks, and increases efficiency. Only PCmover’s proprietary technology includes full selectivity that transfers data, applications, and settings from an old PC to a new one, even if the two PCs run different versions of Windows. The privately held company was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.

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