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Loire Valley Regional French Government Keeps PC Deployments on Track with PCmover® Enterprise


Located in the heart of France, a short drive down the autoroute from Paris, the Loire Valley is home to hundreds of opulent aristocratic estates, outstanding wines, and lively, sophisticated cities. The outstanding region is on the bucket list for anyone seeking to experience quintessential French style, splendor, and gastronomical delights.

Behind the scenes, plenty of hard work is required to maintain the regional infrastructure to provide transportation and sanitation, spur economic development, support schools and higher education, and offer a livable environment for residents and tourists alike. In the Loire Valley, much of that responsibility falls to Tours Métropole Val de Loire, the regional government based in the city of Tours.

The Situation

Unlike tourist highlights, such as the Château de Chambord that dates back to 1519, the technology required to meet the region’s needs must be modern and up-to-date. In fulfilling this requirement, the municipality’s IT team started facing challenges, particularly when it came to outfitting its employees with new PCs and laptops.

Without tools for automating the upgrade process, the team started to fall behind on its deployment schedules. Data migrations were typically performed by transferring data and settings from each old PC to the new one using an external hard drive. Not only were the upload and download speeds slow, but both the technician and the user needed to be available to execute the process — a stipulation that cost productivity dearly. The technical expert managed the process while the user had to be present to reconfigure their profiles and reintegrate their data.

The Solution

To both automate migrations and eliminate the intermediary hard drive step, the IT team at Tours Métropole turned to Laplink’s PCmover® Enterprise. Now when the time comes to migrate users to new PCs or laptops, the team simply starts each migration process in the evening after the user has left for the day. PCmover Enterprise completes the transfer directly from PC to PC, automatically and reliably. In the morning, the only task left is to physically install the new computer in the user’s office — a process that takes just 10 minutes — and the upgrade is complete.

The Outcome

PCmover Enterprise is capable of automatically transferring installed applications, app and user settings, data, and user accounts despite potential hardware or OS differences between the devices. IT managers simply need to walk through menus or set up policies for specific user groups, click to start the transfer process, and walk away. For Tours Métropole this has resulted in huge time savings for users and IT technicians while virtually eliminating the errors and data omissions that used to occur during manual migrations.

Now when you visit the French countryside around the city of Tours, you can be confident that, while the sights are historic, the technology used to ensure a pleasant stay is fully up to speed.

To learn more about PCmover Enterprise, visit https://enterprise.laplink.com or contact corpsales@laplink.com

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