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New LG Grams Are Now Shipping with Laplink PCmover Professional Included Free of Charge

If you’re ready to buy a new laptop and you don’t want the hassle of moving over all of your apps, data, and settings from your old PC to your new laptop, global innovator LG Electronics (LG) is one computer manufacturer that has a great solution. LG is now bundling its 2022 LG gram laptop computers with PCmover Professional. PCmover is included free of charge, making it quick and simple for you to move from an old PC to a new LG gram.

This collaboration between Laplink and LG is in response to a significant customer need. We found in a recent customer survey that nearly 75% of survey participants would purchase a PC sooner if PCmover had been included with their purchase.

“Research shows that the transfer of existing apps, data and settings to a new PC is a big pain point for users. LG is addressing this by working with Laplink to include PCmover Professional with the new LG gram devices,” said Young-jae Seo, Senior Vice President and head of LG’s global IT business. “With just a few clicks, everything the user wants is automatically transferred from their old PC to their new gram. Including PCmover further supports LG’s commitment to providing customers the best possible product experience.”

The word is out about LG’s collaboration with Laplink and the new LG gram laptops. 

“We are very pleased to partner with LG to provide PCmover Professional with new LG gram laptops. PCmover makes it quick and easy to transfer everything you want from an old PC to your new LG gram,” said Thomas Koll, CEO of Laplink Software. “Consumers and small businesses in particular face a significant barrier as part of the new PC experience – how to move everything from the old PC without a lot of hassle. And without an easy solution, the result is a delay of new PC purchases. By partnering with PC manufacturers like LG to provide PCmover at no charge, we can remove this barrier and accelerate PC sales.”

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