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Laplink's PCmover Profile Migrator Decreases Time for Active Directory Profile Migrations by 50%

Laplink's PCmover Profile Migrator Decreases Time for Active Directory Profile Migrations by 50%

Leading authority in total air system balancing for large enterprise heating, cooling, and ventilation sees 50% time savings using PCmover Profile Migrator for its Active Directory (AD) profile migrations.

Benefits of PCmover Profile Migrator
  • Reduces time required for profile migration by more than 50%
  • Eliminates manual processes
  • Reduces downtime for engineers working in the field
  • Increases IT team’s efficiency and ability to manage more projects
  • Improves migration accuracy

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When Engineered Air Balance (EAB) planned to migrate to a new Active Directory, it needed to minimize downtime to migrate all user profiles affected by this change. In the past, a project like this proved to be a lengthy, manual process that resulted in serious delays and downtime. 


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PCmover Profile Migrator (PPM) automated the profile migration process, resulting in a 50% reduction in migration time and significantly reducing engineer downtime. PPM has also improved migration accuracy and eliminated time-consuming manual fixes post-migration. Overall, Laplink’s PCmover Profile Migrator tool has clearly increased the EAB IT team’s efficiency.

Cliff McDonald of EAB’s IT support team reflected on PCmover, saying, “Being able to transfer applications is a big help. By doing so many at a time, we don’t have to have a unique checklist for each individual person — PCmover brings them all over. It’s automated — that’s what we need.”

“Using PCmover Profile Migrator has helped make our IT team more efficient in getting their work done. Instead of 100 hours of labor for the profile migrations, we did this project in less than half the time with PCmover. Profile migrations are not our primary focus, so it’s great to have that time-consuming task automated. PCmover Profile Migrator has significantly reduced delays and downtime, allowing our engineers to get back into the field quicker,” says Lenz.


The outcome_gray

PCmover Profile Migrator has transformed EAB’s profile migration process. The company has reduced its migration time by 50% and significantly decreased downtime. EAB is now planning to use PCmover Enterprise for not only the profile migration feature, but the policy-driven customizations and remote deployment capabilities for their PC refresh projects. McDonald says, “I’m excited to use it. We’ve noticed that the automated migrations are more complete and more accurate compared to manual migrations.”

When time is of the essence, the ability to quickly and accurately migrate user profiles pays off. Avoid time-consuming user profile migrations that lead to costly downtime and lost productivity by using PCmover Profile Migrator. Learn more by visiting ppm.laplink.com, request a free fully-functional license of PCmover Enterprise by visiting enterprise.laplink.com, or set up a demo by contacting Laplink at corpsales@laplink.com.

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