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Laplink Director of Customer Experience Trains POWER Partner

I love to travel, so naturally I jumped on an opportunity to visit Denmark and provide training to our partner POWER. POWER uses PCmover Enterprise as a service offering within their tech bench for their customers.

I met with six groups of team members over the course of the day. It was great to hear about each individual experience and how much POWER values providing migration services to their customers. I also heard valuable feedback that would help enhance their experience with our product and improve PCmover overall.

The overwhelming opinion of the staff was that PCmover is a valuable and nifty tool for those who need migration services. Before POWER discovered PCmover Enterprise software, it was a tedious task for their users to transfer data, not to mention settings and applications.

It has been a real pleasure to work with Lisa and the POWER tech bench team over the last few years. I look forward to future training sessions to help enable them to boost productivity even more and to provide Laplink with valuable insight into POWER’s transfer experiences that show us where we can improve.



Director of Customer Experience Timothy Worcester with Nordic Support Specialist for Power International AS Lisa Nielsen Bred

If you ever find yourself in need of a PC refresh in Scandinavia, look no further than POWER! You can purchase a great PC and get the transfer done for you while you grab lunch or go sightseeing. What a time-saver!

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