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Laplink Connections: Interview with Wealthramp's Pam Krueger

To kick off the New Year, Laplink Software CEO Thomas Koll talked with Wealthramp CEO & Founder Pam Krueger, an award-winning personal finance journalist and author, during the latest episode of Laplink Connections. As the creator and co-host of the MoneyTrack investor education television series seen nationally on PBS and Friends Talk Money podcast, Pam has a wealth of knowledge about financial planning.


In addition to discussing New Year’s resolutions that many people have around financial planning, Thomas and Pam also talked about Wealthramp, an advisor matching platform that connects consumers with rigorously vetted fee-only financial advisors. As a recognized investor advocate, Pam has worked with many investors throughout their personal investment journey and provided strategic advice on hiring financial advisors.


“At some point, as people get older and their financial arrangements are getting more complicated, they realize that it would be helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes take a look at their financial planning,” says Pam. “Many people want to stress test their own assumptions and projections to make sure they’re doing all of the right things to plan for retirement and to ensure that they have a successful financial future.”


According to Pam, financial literacy and financial empowerment are important for everyone. And, she says getting unbiased financial advice is paramount to maintaining a secure financial future. “Most of the financial advisors in the industry are affiliated with brokerage houses and insurance companies where the business model for them is based on sales. So, they are paid commission on what they sell for those brokerage firms and insurance companies,” she says. “My focus is on educating individuals about the value of fee-only fiduciary financial advice where those independent advisors are solely focused on making recommendations that have your best interests in mind and are customized to meet the needs of your specific financial situation.” 

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