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Laplink Connections: Interview with Intel's Stephanie Halford

In the latest episode of Laplink Connections, Laplink Software CEO Thomas Koll talked with Stephanie Hallford, Vice President & General Manager of Business Client Platforms at Intel, about the pace of technology innovation, the need for more computing power, the new work-from-anywhere hybrid work environment, and her advice for young managers who want to pursue a rewarding career in technology.

According to Stephanie, “The cloud is incredibly important as every business is modernizing. However, the pace of that modernization is all across the board. We’ve got really complicated large enterprises and customers who are still very dependent on legacy systems and very concerned about privacy and data in customized environments. And, then there are more startup-like companies that are born on the cloud. We continue to look at hardware-based security and manageability while partnering with solution providers to provide the help that all of these customers need.”

Thomas and Stephanie also discussed how the speed of innovation in computing is increasing dramatically to respond to the new demands of the hybrid workforce and “Work From Anywhere” transition resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The role of technology is more important than ever,” says Stephanie. “Having agile partners like Laplink has been very helpful as we want to combine smart hardware with smart software.” In addition, Stephanie talked about how Laplink and Intel are working together to make the security, manageability and performance of Intel vPro® Essentials more accessible to small and mid-sized businesses when combined with Laplink® Everywhere™.

Watch the entire video below!


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