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Laplink Connections: Robb Wong, CEO, Fedsolve LLC

During the latest Laplink Connections interview, Thomas Koll talked with Robb Wong, CEO of Fedsolve LLC, about the challenges small businesses are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic and the resources that are available to help them. Fedsolve helps small businesses understand and navigate the new federal rules around government contracts so they can take advantage of this growing market.


Robb brings several years of experience with the U.S. Small Business Administration to his role at Fedsolve. Most recently, Robb served as the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Associate Administrator where he was the leading advocate for small-business government contracts, helping drive government contract policy. Appointed by the White House, he worked extensively with senior leaders in Congress, the Department of Defense, and with civilians and industry to increase opportunities for small-business government contractors. During that time, he issued a multitude of new regulations and implemented legislation that enabled the U.S. to exceed federal goals for small business utilization and increased prime contract opportunities by 34% ($133+ billion in prime contracts and $90 billion in sub-contracts).

One of the highlights from their discussion was Robb’s expert advice for small businesses owners and how they can best position their companies to secure government contracts. The good news for small business is that the government contract market has grown almost 40% since 2017. Learn more by watching the video below:


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