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Laplink Connections: Interview with Pieter Knook, Chairman of Broad Horizon

In the latest episode of Laplink Connections, Laplink Software CEO Thomas Koll talked with Pieter Knook, Chairman of Broad Horizon, a leading provider of application cloud hosting services in the Benelux. Pieter is Chairman of LINX, the largest, solely member-run Internet exchange in the world, and of Altitude Angel, an aviation technology company enabling the safe integration and use of fully autonomous drones into global airspace. He is also a longtime former executive at Microsoft.

Pieter brought a unique perspective to a lively discussion about the future of the internet, big data, and AI. Additionally, he provided some valuable advice for technology entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

“For me, the successful entrepreneurs have the right balance between being able to be persistent and continue with a strategy despite problems they will likely encounter on the way. There’s a balance between being adaptive and being persistent that is the trick for a great entrepreneur,” says Pieter.

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