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Laplink Connections: Interview with Gary Martz, Director of Industrial IoT Technology Standards, Intel Corporation

Laplink CEO Thomas Koll talked with Gary Martz of the Intel Corporation about the future of the digital economy, the impact of IoT(Internet of Things) technology, and the implications for society during his latest Laplink Connections discussion.

As Director of Industrial IoT at Intel, Martz is focused on facilitating international technology collaborations and standards. During his 26-year career at Intel®, he’s also led the Wireless Connectivity Frameworks team helping define wireless communications frameworks and evaluated new business investments with Intel Labs. In his spare time, Martz currently serves on the Industrial & Systems Engineering Executive Advisory Board at the University of Washington. He also serves as a Board member of The Open Group and Field Level Communication Steering Committee for the OPC Foundation.

During his talk with Thomas, Martz shared his perspective on the importance of “connecting the unconnected” and how to make connected devices smarter. They also discussed the evolution of autonomous systems and functions as related to autonomous cars. Don’t miss this fascinating discussion about some of the most exciting developments in IoT technology.

Watch the video:

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