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Laplink Connections: Interview with Bob Rapp

Smart edge computing, big data, and the potential of artificial intelligence were among the many interesting topics Laplink Software CEO Thomas Koll discussed with Bob Rapp, a partner and technical fellow at Envorso, during our latest Laplink Connections video.

As a former Cloud Architect for AI and Data at Microsoft, Technical Vice President at GE Healthcare, and Technical Vice President of Cloud Architects at IBM, Bob brought a unique perspective to their discussion.

There are lots of examples of people doing exciting things in the AI space. In fact, Microsoft has a huge project with an agricultural company to improve how water and fertilizer is used. They are reducing water and fertilizer usage by at least 25% to 30% just by the smart use of data provided by AI. That can make a big difference in the world,” said Bob. “I’m working with this company Envorso … helping reform how automotive companies become more digital and software agile. It’s so much fun to create the future.”      

You can hear more of these inspiring examples of technology at work making a positive difference in the world in the video discussion.


For more information about Laplink Connections and to watch the latest video interviews, visit the Connections website.

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