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How to Check Monthly Usage with PCmover Business Technician Licensing

Need to find out how many uses you have left this month for your PCmover Business Technician license? Checking usage is just one click.

To check your PCmover Business Technician monthly usage, open PCmover Business and click “About Laplink PCmover Business” in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Welcome Screen

Then you can view both the number of uses you have per month and the number of uses still available to you for the current month.

License Details

Running low on uses?
If you have large migration projects, it might be time to upgrade your PCmover Business Technician license to the next tier. By upgrading your license, you’ll decrease your cost per-migration, which means you will increase your margins even further! Looking for advanced functionality? PCmover Enterprise might be a great fit. Contact us for all your upgrade options.

Need more help?
From simple questions like how to download PCmover remotely or how long it takes to transfer data, to troubleshooting, great support is just a click away. Check out our FAQ page or chat with a friendly PCmover expert to get all the answers you need during any stage of your PC transfer. Working late? No problem. We’re here 24/7.
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