Since Windows 7 End of Support, Windows 10 is simply better equipped to limit attacks. Migrate with PCmover, Microsoft’s ONLY recommended migration solution

Counting Patches: A Look Back Since Windows 7 End of Support

January 14, 2020: Windows 7 End of Support With the events of this year, January seems more like a different lifetime than merely 6 months ago. And while the date may not make history books as a top event of 2020, January 14 marked an important date in the world of technology: the end of extended support for Windows 7. What was Windows 7 End … Continue reading Counting Patches: A Look Back Since Windows 7 End of Support

PCmover helps organizations enable their workforces to work from home - quickly, simply, and effectively. Try PCmover Enterprise for free!

Work From Home With Laplink

Migrating To Work From Home The role of the home office and personal computer has seen massive changes in the last three months. With the novel coronavirus continuing its reign across the world, our lives are now somewhat used to these changed living conditions. In regard to the workforce, there have been the obvious increased needs to work from home while maintaining productivity levels, regardless … Continue reading Work From Home With Laplink

PCmover Profile Migration automatically transfers apps, files, & settings between old on-prem AD user profiles, and new AAD user profiles on the same PC.

Migrating from on-prem Active Directory to Azure Active Directory: A bigger bang for your buck

Profile Migration Challenges As the world of IT moves more and more toward cloud-based solutions, some adaptations have gone smoother than others. The shift from on-premise active directory to cloud-based systems, such as Azure Active Directory, profile migration has often been a source of headaches. Not only does Azure streamline sign-in on both internal and external resources, its single sign-on and multi-factor authentication helps protect … Continue reading Migrating from on-prem Active Directory to Azure Active Directory: A bigger bang for your buck

PCmover Windows Store Edition: As easy as a click of a button

Now Available: PCmover Windows Store Edition Sometimes we all wish life came with an “easy” button. Just press and boom – the house is cleaned, you arrive in a far-off exotic location with no jet lag, and all your tech is upgraded! But with apologies to Staples, we’ve yet to make a real-life “easy button.” Life’s just not that simple. The good news is that … Continue reading PCmover Windows Store Edition: As easy as a click of a button

How to Facilitate a Remote User Migration

Deploying a new PC for a remote or home office user is always a challenge, particularly in IT environments that aren’t heavily managed. The question becomes, “what is the easiest way to configure the new PC to look and act just like the old PC?” Manually copying information and installing applications nearly always results in follow-up Service Desk; the user doesn’t have all their applications, or can’t find where certain data ended up. With the recent dramatic increase in remote work (likely including some, or all, of your IT staff), scaling this type of manual migration effort is nearly impossible. Enter, the need for a remote user migration solution.

Today, we have a guest post from our very own Tom Coyle, Senior Enterprise Solution Architect, & Tim Worcester, Director of Customer Experience!

PCmover, the only migration solution recommended by Microsoft and Intel, makes this task easy. With a PCmover migration, the new PC will work and feel just like the old PC, including all user data, profile, and application settings – and even the applications themselves. PCmover, by default, running as a completely “vanilla” configuration, will automatically locate and transfer the applications and all user data to a new environment. With some simple planning and minimal configuration, your users can even drive their own migrations. This dramatically reduces the need to engage IT resources.

This guide gives a brief overview of how PCmover can help you perform a flawless remote user migration quickly and easily. PCmover is extremely flexible and can accommodate nearly any real-world use case. Here, we offer three common scenarios as examples. For help with your specific use case, contact Laplink for a one-on-one discussion, demonstration, or a trial license.

Examples of Common Scenarios

1) Migration for minimally-managed remote office PCs

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