Laplink Celebrates 37 Years with Donations To Maker Mask

We’re 37! Change can be hard. And in the case of COVID-19, change can be scary. Having gone from living our normal, everyday lives just a few months ago to now remaining indoors without seeing our loved ones–the change came swift and strong. Laplink turns 37 this week, but it doesn’t feel like a time for normal celebration. So instead, we’ll use this occasion to … Continue reading Laplink Celebrates 37 Years with Donations To Maker Mask

Free PCmover Software for Laplink’s Birthday!

May 15, 2019 marks 36 years as a global leader in data transfer and migration software. Let’s celebrate with free PCmover software! Celebrate with us To celebrate these years of growth and success, we’re giving away software to subscribers of our mailing list! Consumers get a free PCmover Express copy. We’re also giving a complimentary copy of PCmover Profile Migrator to IT professionals at organizations large and … Continue reading Free PCmover Software for Laplink’s Birthday!

35 Years Later

Sometimes it is hard to remember the beginning of computing. Today technology is an integral part of our lives, and the mobile cloud, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and the internet of things are all around us. Discussions about autonomous driving and even autonomous flying show high confidence that we can achieve these goals within five years. Tremendous technological progress has been made overall. Nothing was … Continue reading 35 Years Later