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Moving to a New Office is Just Like Moving to a New PC

Last month, Laplink moved its headquarters to a new location. Part of my job was to oversee all the logistics and make this move happen efficiently and effectively — and be sure it didn’t interrupt the company’s day-to-day operations.

Of course, I appreciated the opportunity to positively impact our company, but there was one big problem: I had never moved an office before. I realized this could easily turn into a nightmare.

The first thing I did was hit the Internet in search of office move checklists and advice. I also read some horror stories. Turns out, you don’t just need to move furniture and forward some mail. For example, you need to have electricians come to both the old and new spaces, to add and remove cabling. Lots of address changes like with the IRS, state and local government, banks, and so on. And turns out, our office had accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. Much of which was no longer needed and some was just plain junk.

At this point in my research, I realized I couldn’t do this alone. I needed some professional help. After doing more research and getting input from coworkers (including a reference to a moving company), I settled on hiring a moving company that had been working in the industry for longer than our company has been around — close to 40 years. They were able to guide me as we scheduled every part of the move and built out a plan. This resulted in a very easy move, and very little stress on me and our employees. Having an expert who had dealt with all sorts of problems in the past, and knew what to do and what not to do, made a huge difference!

This experience reminded me of why our product PCmover is so useful to companies that need to move or upgrade their PCs. Much like moving our physical office, it can be stressful to upgrade your digital office to a new home, perhaps even a new operating system. This is where Laplink comes in as your PC moving specialist! Our software provides the specialized help to make sure your data, apps, and settings are all transferred without issue; because we have the experience of dealing with PC moving problems, just like experienced office movers. We know what programs and data can be missed when you try to do it yourself. So if you have been tasked with dealing with the daunting task of a PC refresh process, let us “de-stress” this for you. Choose Laplink to be your partner for your next digital move!


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