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Case Study: Power & PCmover for Increased Productivity & Secure Data Migration

Data Migration Using PCmover Increases Productivity for Customer Service Team and Securely Transfers Customer Data

Nordic region consumer electronics giant, Power, uses PCmover to save time and money for data migration of customer data from old PCs to new ones.

Benefits of PCmover for Data Migration

  • Quick and secure customer data migration
  • Eliminates need to temporarily store customer data
  • Saves time and cost for support staff
  • Easy-to-use software and interface
  • Improves customer service


POWER is one of the leading electrical, appliance and consumer electronics companies in the Nordic region. The company was founded in Denmark and now has stores throughout Finland, and Norway and online in Sweden. Offering household appliances, home electronics, smart home products, cellular technology, photo equipment and gaming technologies has helped POWER become one of the largest retailers in Scandinavia.

One of the many products that POWER sells are PC and laptop computers. Frequently, customers who purchase new computers need assistance when transferring existing data, applications and user profile information from the old computer to the new one. When this request is made, the Support Specialist team is tasked with helping customers with data migration from old computers to new ones. While this might seem like a simple task, it’s often more challenging than the average consumer is capable of tackling.

For Lisa Nielsen Bred, Nordic Support Specialist at POWER, helping customers is just the beginning. “One of the goals of our customer support services department is to create a great experience for our customers. If our technical support team members make life easier for our customers, we believe that will strengthen customer loyalty.”

“PCmover completely eliminates the need for us to store sensitive customer data on an external drive.”
–Lisa Nielsen Bred, Nordic Support Specialist, POWER

Data Migration Solution

When customers purchase a new PC or laptop, the salesperson at POWER gathers all of the customer data into a system called POWERPI. This is where information such as subscriptions, accounts and even passwords are listed in order to ensure that all content on the old computer can be transferred, relieving the customer of the burden. Whether it’s old photos, user profiles or applications, most customers don’t have the skills to transfer existing information from the old computer to the new one. Beyond the technical knowledge required, it can be intimidating for most customers to attempt to transfer their critical information.

In the past, POWER used to use a variety of cables to connect the old computer to the new one and then manually transfer data. Sometimes the POWER team would transfer the old data to an external hard drive, connect that drive to the new computer, and transfer the data to the new computer. This was a cumbersome process that was time consuming and also could potentially expose sensitive personal data that could accidentally be left on the external drive.

“Our goal was to find a way to make it easy to transfer customer information, such as videos, photos, documents and user profiles, without the risk of losing data,” said Bred. “We want our customers to feel secure when they give us their computer, and we want our support staff to be available to assist customers, not stand in the backroom waiting for files to transfer.”

The customer support team tried a variety of technologies to simplify the process of customer data migration but found that most were poor quality, didn’t address security needs, and ended up taking the customer support team away from working with the customers to solve their specific issues.

When POWER discovered Laplink, the team immediately saw the benefits. “Using Laplink allowed our customer support specialists to focus on repairs and helping customers, instead of standing around waiting for files to transfer,” said Bred.

“PCmover not only saved our customer support team a lot of time, it allowed them to help customers fix more complex technical support issues.”
–Lisa Nielsen Bred, Nordic Support Specialist, POWER


When Bred first found Laplink, she was a little skeptical since the previous solutions POWER had used for transferring content hadn’t worked too well.

“When I saw the price for PCmover and the explanation for how easy it was to use, I wasn’t sure how it would work,” said Bred. “It was so easy to use and so cost-effective. It makes the entire process of transferring content so much easier, including applications. It was really an eye opener.”

Bred frequently speaks with members of the customer support team throughout many POWER stores in Scandinavia to get a better understanding of their day-to-day activities. When she asks them about using Laplink, the employees comment how happy the customers are that their data is easily transferred. More important is the lasting positive impression that this type of support leaves with POWER’s customers.

Bred says, “Many of the other solutions we’ve tried are too complicated and take too long to use. Laplink is so easy to use and it allows the customer support team to focus on what’s important, delivering personal service to our customers.”

“Laplink is just so easy to use! It saves our customer support team a lot of time and makes them more productive.”
–Lisa Nielsen Bred, Nordic Support Specialist, POWER.

To learn more about PCmover Enterprise, visit enterprise.laplink.com or contact corpsales@laplink.com

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