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Announcing the newest version of PCmover Enterprise!

Laplink® Delivers New PCmover® Enterprise Software That Simplifies and Streamlines PC Migrations for Remote Workers

Today, we announced the production release of a new version of PCmover Enterprise software designed to simplify and streamline PC migrations and upgrades for remote employees. With new cloud support and centralized management of multiple migrations, IT teams have the flexibility they need to accommodate any PC migration scenario at scale.

With enterprises increasingly adopting a “work from anywhere” model, IT teams face unprecedented challenges to efficiently manage PC upgrades and migrations. Each upgrade presents new obstacles,  whether its spotty connections, low upload speeds, or specialized applications. With the industry’s first cloud integration, the new release of PCmover Enterprise gives IT teams another user-friendly transfer option as well as powerful tools for managing large number of migrations simultaneously.

“There is no-one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to PC migrations at the enterprise scale, particularly when you add remote workers to the mix,” said Thomas Koll, CEO at Laplink. “That’s why we’re giving our many enterprise customers around the globe the added flexibility of leveraging the scale and convenience of the cloud for managing migrations, while also making it easier to manage high volumes of migrations.”

Read the Press Release

Read the entire press release here, and learn more on enterprise.laplink.com.

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