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Migrating from on-prem Active Directory to Azure Active Directory: A bigger bang for your buck

Profile Migration Challenges

As the world of IT moves more and more toward cloud-based solutions, some adaptations have gone smoother than others. The shift from on-premise active directory to cloud-based systems, such as Azure Active Directory, profile migration has often been a source of headaches.

Not only does Azure streamline sign-in on both internal and external resources, its single sign-on and multi-factor authentication helps protect businesses from 99.9% of cybersecurity attacks. However, when the move is complete, there is one issue remaining, manually migrating local user profiles, the cost of which can consume IT resources at companies large and small. And when time equals money, every minute saved counts.

Commonly, Microsoft’s User State Migration Tool (USMT) was one of the most popular migration tools. But without a clear path for migrating enterprise’s local AD profiles to Azure AD profiles, businesses could expect to spend countless hours and money transferring profiles for each registered PC. Or, at least that’s been the story until now.

Migrate to AAD with PCmover

Merging profiles to Azure Active Directory or cross-domain can now be done automatically with Laplink’s PCmover Profile Migrator (PPM), included in PCmover Enterprise. PPM makes migration to cloud-based AD a breeze and gives IT back hours of valuable time and resources.

You already trust Laplink as the service to save you time on data migration. Now, Laplink’s partnership with Microsoft will allow you to put your IT department’s skills to use on more pressing projects. PCmover Enterprise will transfer data in existing profiles on existing PCs from active directory to Azure AD in just a few clicks.

So ask yourself, what other projects are better worth your time than profile migration?

Learn More

PCmover is Microsoft’s only recommended migration solution and is sold by all major OEMs and Retailers worldwide. Learn more about PCmover Profile Migrator, now included in PCmover Enterprise. You can also request a free trial of PCmover Enterprise at enterprise.laplink.com!

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