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PCmover Windows Store Edition: As easy as a click of a button

Now Available: PCmover Windows Store Edition

Sometimes we all wish life came with an “easy” button. Just press and boom – the house is cleaned, you arrive in a far-off exotic location with no jet lag, and all your tech is upgraded! But with apologies to Staples, we’ve yet to make a real-life “easy button.” Life’s just not that simple.

The good news is that some things really can be made much easier. No one likes the idea of transferring all their stuff (including private information) from an old PC to a new one. The excitement of getting a new PC later turns to dread as the realization sets in that you have a major hassle ahead of you before you’re able fully us your new PC. The good news? Laplink’s PCmover software has been a longtime “easy button” catering to PC setup and data migration. The bad news? There’s a group of users who couldn’t use it… until now.


What is S Mode?

Windows 10 in S Mode is designed to be safer, faster, and more stable than “regular” Windows 10. It was built for the user whose needs are very straightforward. It’s for the user who doesn’t want to worry about cyber-attacks or a virus by installing a possibly unsafe online app. But the safeguards that protect a PC running Windows 10 in S Mode also have inherent restrictions, the trade-off between safety and flexibility.


Don’t Sacrifice Flexibility

Historically, users with Windows 10 PCs in S Mode were forced to manually transfer their data by copying data to and from removable storage (like a USB stick) or by utilizing cloud storage.


Today that changed. In partnership with Microsoft, Laplink is proud to make the leading PC data transfer and migration tool, PCmover, available to users running Windows 10 in S Mode. To get this new version of PCmover, just download and install from the Windows Store or go to the Windows Store on your PC and search for ‘PCmover’.

PCmover – Windows Store Edition is the only version of PCmover that makes it possible for an S Mode user to remain in S Mode and easily transfer their personal data – Music, Video, Pictures, Documents, and more – without wasting time or risk leaving important data behind.

Because of the secure environment of Windows 10 in S Mode, the user (and PCmover) only have access to certain data files on the device. While other editions of PCmover support the transfer of data, settings, and apps, due to the restrictions of Windows 10 in S mode, PCmover – Windows Store Edition is limited to only transferring data files such as Music, Video, Pictures, and Documents. Visit here to learn more about other versions of PCmover.

Using PCmover Windows Store Edition

To obtain and use PCmover Windows Store Edition:

  • Download and install from the Windows Store
  • Ensure both PCs are connected to the same network (LAN, Wi-Fi, or Direct-connect Ethernet)
  • Launch PCmover on both PCs to automatically connect both PCs
  • Verify the transfer direction is as expected and proceed to analysis
  • On the old PC, choose which folders you want to transfer to the new PC
  • On the new PC, choose the destination for each of those folders
  • Press start, sit back, and let PCmover complete the transfer automatically!

If PCmover users have any questions, they can access this help article for more information on how to get started. And, all PCmover users can take advantage of Laplink’s Free Transfer Assistance program to receive help and support from a certified transfer expert, available 24/7, through phone, chat, or email.

Requirements & Support

System Requirements:

  • Windows 10 Version 1709 (’17 Fall Creators Update) or higher

Supported Connections:

  • Wi-Fi
  • LAN
  • Direct Connect Ethernet

Other Requirements:

  • PCmover requires both PCs to run the same edition of PCmover
  • Internet access is required to download from the Windows Store
  • In ‘Free Mode,’ transfer size is limited to 500MB but by entering a valid PCmover Professional or Ultimate serial number, this limitation is removed.
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