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Free Profile Migration Tool Helps IT Transition to Azure Active Directory

Today, we’re pleased to announce PCmover Profile Migrator (PPM) software is available at no charge through June 30, 2021. As more organizations transition their IT infrastructure from on premise to the cloud, this free profile migration solution reduces the time and hassle of setting up new Azure Active Directory (AAD) profiles for users.

Cloud hosting and services continue to gain popularity among enterprises and small business. In fact, Statista recently reported that 68% of U.S. businesses will adopt managed cloud infrastructure services this year alone. Compared to on-premise options, cloud-based services offer improved scalability, security, and business continuity. It also reduces costs associated with software maintenance and infrastructure management.

PPM saves time & money while offering free profile migration.

Naturally, IT teams find value in moving from on-premise Windows® Active Directory (AD) to the cloud-based Azure® Active Directory. PPM streamlines this process. This currently free profile migration solution automatically transfers applications, files and settings between the old on-premise AD user profile and the new AAD user profile on the same PC.

“There are significant benefits to implementing AAD, including a reduction of hardware costs, improved service availability, and reduction of IT labor,” said Thomas Koll, our CEO. “Those benefits are driving the transition to the cloud and Laplink is dedicated to making that transition as simple as possible. Instead of relying on a slower manual process for profile migration that can easily result in lost data, our automated solution saves time and moneyand it transfers everything seamlessly. That’s why Microsoft recommends it specifically for efficiently transitioning to AAD.”

Learn more about free profile migration!

More details about PCmover Profile Migrator, our free profile migration solution, are available here.

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