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Windows 7 Migration Kit

The race against time is over. As of today, Microsoft has stopped Windows® 7 updates and support. In their own words, PCs continuing to run Windows 7 are “more vulnerable to security risks and viruses.” Security breaches and cyberattacks aren’t things organizations can afford to take lightly. Enter: the Windows 7 Migration Kit.

What If You Stay?

For those who are weighing the pros and cons of remaining on Windows 7, Microsoft will be keeping Windows 7 fully updated. However, security updates will only be provided to those users who have paid for Extended Security Updates (ESU) and only available to those running Windows 7 Professional or Enterprise editions. Microsoft will charge $25 per device, per month in year one, $50 per device in year two, and $100 per device in year three. This means, for an organization with 1,000 devices, their IT budget increases by $175,000 in fees over the three-year ESU period.

Ease the Transition

To ease the transition to Windows 10 and reduce the effort of manual PC migrations, Laplink has developed a new Windows 7 Migration Kit, a specially priced bundle of PCmover, DiskImage, and SafeErase. Using this kit, organizations can save 4 hours, on average, per PC migrated. Meaning an organization with 1,000 PCs, replacing 30% each year, 150 workdays of IT labor will be saved. Learn more by visiting Windows7MigrationKit.com.

Special Offers*

For 24 hours only, the Windows 7 migration kit (reg.$99.95) will be on sale for $19.95*!

Additional Special Offers:

  • Buy a license of PCmover Professional for under $15 compared to normal retail of $60.
  • For IT personnel and service providers offering migration services, buy a 5-use license of PCmover Business for under $50, a discount of 80%.

*Offers end at 11:59 p.m. pacific on January 14, 2020 and discounts on products only available for purchase online at windows7migrationkit.com.

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