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Simple PC Migration with PCmover’s new Streamlined User Interface and Intelligent Connectivity Options

Laplink is the global leader in simple PC migration software, and our flagship product, PCmover is the only software of its kind recommended by Microsoft, Intel, and all major PC manufacturers. This week, we announced a simplified user interface and new intelligent default connectivity options for both PCmover Professional and Enterprise. This empowers IT staff to offer PCmover as a service to employees, with the latest version supporting IT-managed but end-user driven migrations. This new version continues to fully support Windows 7 as many users seek an efficient migration solution as Microsoft’s Windows 7 End of Support approaches on January 14, 2020.

Less Hassle, Lower Cost

On average, Laplink’s PCmover software saves a minimum of four hours per PC deployed. For a business with 500 employees that replaces 30 percent of its laptops each year, Laplink saves 75 days of IT labor that can be redirected to other IT priorities, like network upgrades or security enforcement.

For Enterprise

Laplink is reinventing PC migration with the ability for IT staff to run PCmover Enterprise as a service. This provides and option for customized and controlled access for end users to implement their own transfer process. Additionally, the Profile Migrator option is now included, which automates the transfer of user profile content (applications, files and settings) between user profiles on the same PC, including transfers between on-premise Active Directory (Local AD) user profiles to cloud-based Azure Active Directory (AAD) profiles.

“PCmover Enterprise has shifted the perception of what skilled IT staff should be doing and has helped identify repetitive tasks, such as PC replacements, that can be completed by lower skilled labor,” shared the senior IT officer at an Australian Department of Justice. “PCmover Enterprise has enabled us to reduce the amount of time a PC replacement takes, reduce follow-up Service Desk calls by staff, and has freed up IT technicians for other work.”

For Consumers

For consumers, PCmover reduces the frustration usually associated with setting up a new PC and allows the new PC to be ready for use sooner. In addition to a new, more intuitive user interface, the latest version of PCmover Professional features intelligent Auto Connect to automatically detect both the old and new PCs, eliminating the need to manually search, detect, and label old and new PCs by name.

“PC upgrade projects often take longer than expected because many consumers and businesses still try to accomplish this process manually and don’t consider the extent of programs, data and settings used on a daily basis,” said Thomas Koll, CEO at Laplink. “Laplink is committed to creating easy-to-use tools that enable users to complete transfers in just a few clicks, and now our software is more perceptive and easier to use than ever. We can make any PC transfer project more efficient and, more specifically, save billions of hours in IT time for millions of PC users.”

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