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File Transfer Made Easy With PCmover Business

New Technician License = Easy File Transfer

Easy file transfer is made even simpler with the flexibility of our new Technician License!

We just launched our new licensing program for PCmover Business. The Technician License provides a convenient pay-per-use feature, exclusively for small to medium-sized organizations (SMBs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), system integrators, and other IT service professionals.

The value of PCmover

PCmover, the top-selling PC migration software in the world, is used by many Fortune 100 companies for deploying new PCs. It is the only software of its kind recommended by Microsoft, Intel, and all major PC manufacturers.

PCmover Business provides SMB organizations advanced migration options to greatly reduce the time to deploy PCs, and dramatically lower the cost of PC refresh projects. The ability to automatically transfer everything desired from one PC to another not only saves hours of IT labor, but also increases end-user satisfaction. The results of using PCmover (over other options) are less post-migration helpdesk calls, and increased efficiency and productivity – ultimately leading to an improved bottom line.

“Our customers save an average of more than $300 per PC deployed,” stated Thomas Koll, Laplink’s CEO. “And for IT service providers, the ability to meet clients’ needs, deliver strong value, and earn a nice margin are all made possible with PCmover.”

These benefits become even more relevant in context of Microsoft’s Windows 7 End of Support next January. “More than half of PCs in larger organizations are still running Windows 7,” continued Koll. “PCmover can help those organizations avoid a serious and imminent security problem. For service providers, we offer a great opportunity: solve the problem for clients and improve margins at the same time.”

Designed for SMBs, MSPs, & IT Pros

For SMB organizations, MSPs, system integrators and other IT service professionals who regularly deploy new PCs, the new Technician License solves another problem. The “pay-per-use” flexibility of only invoicing for what’s used – when it’s used – means low initial investment and improved cash flow.

PCmover Business’s Technician License ultimately provides organizations with a simple, scalable solution for multiple data migrations and minimal financial investment. Plus, Laplink offers a zero risk, 90-day money-back guarantee to provide ultimate peace of mind.

Visit Laplink’s PCmover Business page to learn more, view purchase options, and get started. Customers who purchase before June 30, 2019 will receive 50% off the initial fee when coupon code “TECH50” is applied!

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