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SafeErase: Its Critical Importance

When it comes to computer data and security, erasing data permanently is not as simple as you might think. In the past, you may have placed unwanted files in the recycle bin and emptied the bin, thinking you removed the files completely. However, only the directory entry of each file is actually removed. The data remains on the hard disk and can be easily retrieved. If you format the partitions or opt for formatting through BIOS, a part of the data remains, and it can still be recovered, although one would need to work a bit harder to do so.

Considering all the problems associated with data theft and security, you need advanced software, such as Laplink SafeErase, to delete the data permanently. Laplink SafeErase, as the name suggests, deletes the data completely from your hard disk, making it unrecoverable for any misuse. Now that you understand SafeErase’s importance, let’s have a look at specific situations when SafeErase should be used.

#1: Recycling Hardware: Security Against Identity Theft

If you are planning to recycle or sell your old PC, you need to take precautionary measures to protect yourself and your data. If you only format your hard disk, sensitive documents may remain on your PC, leaving you at risk of identity theft. A tech-savvy individual can easily extract the information from your hard disk and use it against you or your organization. However, if you use Laplink SafeErase to securely delete all your data, your sensitive information will be unrecoverable. SafeErase’s government recommended deletion methods provide you with complete privacy protection.

#2: Ongoing Data Deletions

If you are planning to use your hard disk in a different computer, or you want to format it to make the performance more optimized, then you need to use SafeErase. With the help of SafeErase, you can permanently delete data you don’t want on your PC.

You should also use SafeErase for regular deletions of unwanted data, such as email archives, Internet browser data, and financial information. In the past, you may have deleted such files using the recycle bin, but now securely delete files so they are gone forever.

Now that you know why and when to use SafeErase from Laplink Software, it is time to start using the software. However, before securely deleting data, make a copy of any important files so that you don’t lose them. Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us!

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