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The End of Windows XP is Here!

Starting today, Windows XP users will no longer receive technical assistance, security updates, or hot-fixes to their PCs. This leaves Windows XP users vulnerable to hackers, viruses, and other malware until they upgrade or migrate quickly to a different version of Windows.


While Windows has been an extremely successful and popular operating system since its release in 2001, it’s time for XP users to move to a newer, more reliable, and more secure operating system. Laplink offers several affordable tools to make that process easy, while allowing a high degree of customization.

Laplink’s PCmover is the only software that automatically moves all selected programs, files, and settings from an old PC to a new one, or from an old operating system to a new one. PCmover is easy to use, regardless of technical skill, thanks to a step-by-step wizard that helps users customize their migration experience by keeping everything or selecting exactly what they want to transfer. With PCmover, there is no need to transfer data to external storage and no need to reinstall applications. PCmover does it all automatically!

PCmover also comes with Free Transfer Assistance available 24/7. Simply call the toll-free number, and one of Laplink’s certified PC migration experts will guide the user through the entire migration process at no additional cost.

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PCmover comes in several editions for any need, including:

  • PCmover Express for Windows XP: This is Microsoft’s recommended solution for transferring files and settings (but not applications) from Windows XP to a new PC running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 Download is available for free from www.WindowsXP.com.
  • PCmover Professional: Laplink’s most popular version of PCmover that performs migrations to a new PC, in-place upgrades, restores an old image to the new operating system, and rescues hard drive contents from a non-working PC. Includes ability to migrate applications installed and ready-to-use on the new (or upgraded) PC.
  • Windows Upgrade Assistant: The only way to perform a complete in-place upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  • Image & Drive Assistant: The only way to restore an old image or hard drive to a new PC.
  • PCmover Enterprise: The only migration tool that allows IT professionals to manage migrations, even for unmanaged PCs.

While PCmover helps users move off of Windows XP, Laplink also offers several solutions to help Windows XP users stay safe.

For those looking to sell, recycle, or donate their old PCs, Laplink offers the safest software solution for eliminating personal data. Laplink SafeErase is the best way to permanently erase private data for complete protection. Data recovery software can be used to obtain confidential data, but by utilizing a series of government recommended deletion methods, Laplink SafeErase keeps sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Windows XP users can keep their new PCs’ data protected with Laplink DiskImage. Laplink DiskImage creates a perfect copy (image) of all applications, files, and settings, allowing users to quickly and easily restore their PCs and recover damaged or lost files due to corrupted systems, viruses, hackers, or other malware. The automated imaging function makes it easy to keep data protected with a built-in scheduler and backup reminders. Plus, it’s perfect to use with PCmover Image & Drive Assistant, which allows a saved image to be restored to a PC that has a different operating system – not possible with other solutions!

PCmover is available as an instant download online at www.laplink.com and can be purchased from Microsoft, Amazon, Best Buy, Fry’s, Micro Center, Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, and other major software retailers and PC manufacturers in North America, Europe, and Japan. Laplink DiskImage and Laplink SafeErase are available at our website or through a variety of major and local software retailers.

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