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Laplink Sync Beats Out the Competition

Recent analysis compared Laplink Sync to a variety of competitors. Although Laplink Sync™ was released just one month ago, it has already proven to beat out competitors with superior peer-to-peer connectivity options, more secure synchronization, enhanced features (like easy conflict resolution), and the most comprehensive, free customer support available.

As a peer-to-peer synchronization product, Laplink Sync offers a safer sync process than cloud-only solutions. Where cloud-based options are vulnerable to server availability and forces you to rely on Internet connectivity, Laplink Sync gives you the option to connect their devices directly. This keeps your information more secure and greatly reduces the risk of losing your data.

Laplink has also partnered with Intel to give even more connectivity options to users like you. By integrating with Intel’s Common Connectivity Framework, something no other sync product does, you are able to connect and sync your music, photos, and other files with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more.


Laplink Sync also includes a never-before-seen proprietary technology from Laplink— UltraSync™. UltraSync intelligently syncs files that have been added, deleted, or otherwise changed, making syncing your files as easy and fast as possible.

If you can’t get enough of the cloud, Laplink Sync supports you. While other cloud clients restrict the size of your files, what file types you can upload, and more, Laplink Sync gives you a larger range of options. All file types are supported by Laplink Sync and there are zero restrictions on file sizes. Track what you’ve synced, moved, or updated with an easy to use event log after the job is done.

Having a tough time figuring the sync thing out? Laplink Sync offers the most comprehensive customer support at no charge. In addition to detailed user guides, FAQs, and tutorials, Laplink also gives support to US-based customers and tech support through online incident submissions, forums, email, live chat, and even telephone.

Are you ready to keep your devices in sync? Try the best synchronization product around by Laplink Software. Buy your license online today.

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