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Leave Your Connectivity Worries Behind with Laplink Sync!

In an age when people rely on technology more than ever, everyone has had disaster strike at an inopportune moment.

Connection lost.
Server not found.
We’re experiencing technical difficulties.

Your heart sinks as a connectivity issue affects your social life or even worse, your job.

The cloud leaves your data vulnerable
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Technology is meant to make our lives easier. While cloud computing services are convenient for people on the go, its reliance on internet connectivity leaves users vulnerable. Whether it’s an unexpected natural disaster, a small electrical storm, or a simple server error, the smallest hiccup can leave users unable to access their files.

So, what’s a tech geek to do? You have your smartphone, tablet, PC, and laptop, but how can you sync your files without having to worry about the next big server crash?

Say “hello!” to Laplink Sync from Laplink Software. For over 30 years, Laplink has been helping users effortlessly manage their PCs and files, and now we’ve release the perfect product for multi-device users on the go.

Laplink Sync Synchronization technology

Laplink Sync takes what the cloud does and makes it better. Now, users can sync all their tech toys without worrying about connectivity or accessibility issues. With just 3-clicks, Laplink makes peer-to-peer synchronization easy.

Connect your devices using Laplink Sync and minimize security and data loss risk. Get the fastest synchronization possible with the help of Laplink’s UltraSyncTM technology, which automatically only synchronizes files that have been deleted, added, or changed.

Have questions? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment here, contact Laplink Support online or by phone, or visit our knowledge base.


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