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Microsoft created a giant migraine headache for consumers when they decided not to offer a direct upgrade path from just about every operating system they sell (check it out). What do people do when they have questions? What do they do when they can’t figure out how to upgrade their system without losing all the information they have on their old PC? Microsoft’s answer comes in the form of a note that accompanies their boxed copies of Windows 7 (seen here).Upgrade From XP to Windows 7

Option A) You will need to find an external storage device and all your installation discs for any software you want on the new PC. Then run the Windows Upgrade advisor to see what will run on the new PC and what won’t. After that save all your files to and settings to an external storage device using the Windows Easy Transfer program. Microsoft then advises you to reinstall all your applications on the new PC. Finally, you will need to do a custom installation of Windows 7. Needless to say, a lot of work!

Option B) Contact your local retailer or PC service provider, you pay them a small fee and they do it all for you.

In order to keep up with the increased demand for Windows 7 upgrade solutions on PC service providers and hardware integrators across the world, Laplink has created new tools and incentives for partners to take advantage of. Not only will Laplink Partners be able to offer a solution that Microsoft doesn’t provide (transferring files, setting, profiles and applications), they will be able do it quickly an easily.

Laplink PCmover Partner Program Highlights

  • The PCmover Partner Program provides an easy and cost effective way for IT resellers, service providers, system builders, and VARs to offer PC migration services.
  • Resellers can offer a complete migration solution for customers upgrading to Windows 7 with PCmover, while also increasing PC sales and migration service revenue.
  • The program includes extensive rebates and discounts for PCmover licensing, up to 50% off retail pricing.
  • IT Resellers and Service providers will gain access to valuable training and marketing materials, making it easy to begin offering Windows 7 upgrade services.

How to Join the Laplink PCmover Partner Program

The Laplink PCmover Partner Program is available for businesses to sign up and join online at http://www.laplink.com/partners/pcmover/.

Read our press release about the new Laplink PCmoverPartner Program

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