Laplink Laptop Giveaway – Beastly Battery

This six-cell, 63 Whr battery will last a very very long time, even while under stress. Some tests have shown that it will last over 5 hours running video and 6.5 hours with the screen near full brightness and WiFi on while listening to music and typing. Even if you travel a lot, this laptop will almost always meet your needs until its next charge. Even if you leave your lights on all day and come to find that your car battery is dead and you are already late for dinner, just plug this bad boy up to the battery on your car and give it a quick jump! Okay… not really, but it’s a sweet pic!

I am willing to bet 5 ENTRIES that you want one! Do you? We will select one commenter at random for 5 EXTRA entries!

Laplink Laptop Giveaway – Test #19 Such a great friend!

This laptop has so much personality! It is so easy to get along with too. As you can see in the picture, we were best-friends instantly. Why is it such a great friend you ask? Well, it always listens to my problems, it makes sure I spell things right, it shows me my favorite movies and goes everywhere I want to go. Could there be a better friend than that? I submit there cannot!

Need a new friend?? Maybe you’ll get one for FREE!

Laplink Laptop Giveaway – Multi-touch Pad

This isn’t like other touch-pads. Most just let you scroll by running your finger along the right side of the pad. With this you can use simple two-finger gestures to zoom in and out, rotate images and scroll – right from the touch pad! Or just use one finger to click on things… Pretty sweet right! It’s so awesome you might even opt to use that and not use a hand-held mouse.

Level with me, wouldn’t your fingers love to touch this pad??

Laplink Laptop Giveaway – Sweet new vid!

We just finished a sweet new video for PCmover®, you don’t want to miss this one, check it out below! The video was created by Jason Jantzen, check out his work here. To celebrate, we are offering each of you $10 off any version of PCmover! Versions include: Professional™, Home™, Netbook Edition™, Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant™ and Image Assistant™. Use coupon code VideoCelebration when you check out to get your discount! (Exp. Sunday, Nov. 7th at 11:59 pm PT) Enjoy everybody, have a happy weekend!

PS – Email me at: after you have used PCmover! I have a surprise in store for those of you that use it!

Laplink Laptop Giveaway – Hercules Hercules!

This is one tough laptop. ThinkPads have had a reputation of having a nearly indestructible design. Even though they have gone to a prettier look, they certainly didn’t skimp on the quality of material. If you don’t believe us, have a look at this video! We happened to walk into the fitness center at our office building and found out the secret to why this thing is so strong…

Impressive right?? Can you bench that much?

Laplink Laptop Giveaway – Benefit #782 Stand-Out in the crowd

Do you want to be different? Stand out in a crowd? How many people do you know with a RED laptop? Don’t be one of them sheep, always doin’ what others are doin’. Stand-out with this burnin’ red laptop. Even when it’s dark you can see it! Hey, maybe it will help you get noticed for that promotion you’ve been working so hard for!

The red is burning my retinas… How many people do you know with a red laptop??

Laplink Laptop Giveaway – Lay Flat

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. And we have not altered the laptop in any way, it can actually do this! The Lenovo® ThinkPad® Edge’s monitor will lay completely flat. We put it in a limbo competition with other laptops, and the ThinkPad won in a land-slide victory!

How will you put this lay-flat capability to use?? If you win of course…

Laplink Laptop Giveaway – Laplink Test #23 I’m comin’ back!

Jealous of your friend’s rearview camera on their car? Be jealous no more. Use the crisp webcam to see behind you, no more crinks in your neck from turning around to see behind you. And who likes to use rear-view mirrors anyway? We tested it and it is LAPLINK APPROVED, well kind of*!

*Is this safe, what do you think? (the answer is no friggin’ way!)

Keep those test suggestions comin’, you can still get 5 EXTRA entries if we pick yours!

Laplink Laptop Giveaway – Don’t confuse it with LOLcats…

Have you heard of LOLcats? Hilarious right? Well here is LOLnovo! These laptops have crazy personality…

Use the below photos to create some of your own and post them on our Facebook wall. We will pick the best one  next Friday, Nov. 5th, and the winner will receive 20 EXTRA entries!


Laplink Laptop Giveaway – Test #62 Laptop Espionage?

Have a colleague you swear works for the KGB or is stealing cooking secrets? Use the built-in webcam to silently spy on him and catch him in the act!

I always knew that guy never worked, he is always surfing the web! SLACKER!! But… It’s pretty obvious and very suspicious, better stick to using the webcam for video chatting!

Anyone you’d like to spy on??