Reminisce #2 – Charging the Car

Good thing that lappy has a strong battery. Without it we wouldn’t have been able to charge one of our team member’s car and he probably would’ve had to sleep at the office… Thanks Lappy!!!

Okay okay, you got me… It didn’t actually charge the car. But the special effects are so rad that it kinda looks like it did right? Most Laplink peeps liked this picture the best out of all our pictures from last year, you agree?

Laplink Laptop Giveaway – Beastly Battery

This six-cell, 63 Whr battery will last a very very long time, even while under stress. Some tests have shown that it will last over 5 hours running video and 6.5 hours with the screen near full brightness and WiFi on while listening to music and typing. Even if you travel a lot, this laptop will almost always meet your needs until its next charge. Even if you leave your lights on all day and come to find that your car battery is dead and you are already late for dinner, just plug this bad boy up to the battery on your car and give it a quick jump! Okay… not really, but it’s a sweet pic!

I am willing to bet 5 ENTRIES that you want one! Do you? We will select one commenter at random for 5 EXTRA entries!