Laplink Saves the Holidays

The holiday season is the perfect time to take advantage of big deals on big buys. That’s why it’s the prime time for people to buy a new PC for themselves or someone else. Unwrapping a new PC is exciting, but setting it up is a daunting task that can ruin anyone’s holiday.

You’ll have to reconfigure it with all of your personalized settings, re-install frequently used programs and find the stashed serial numbers and activation CDs, and transfer important documents, family photos, and more. Users who want to do this on their own find themselves spending days on set up instead of enjoying the thrill of a new machine. And now, with Microsoft’s reduced functionality of Windows Easy Transfer, recipients of a new PC find themselves with even fewer solutions.

Laplink’s PCmover is the solution! Now offering PCmover at no charge to Windows XP and Vista users, PCmover eases the migration process because it is the ONLY software that automatically moves selected files, settings, and even programs from an old PC to a new one. PCmover also includes Free Transfer Assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which provides VIP-level step by step setup service at no additional charge from certified migration specialists.

PCmover has been the number one best-selling application for PC-to-PC migration and it’s no surprise why! PCmover saves days of hassle, reducing the PC setup process to just a few mouse clicks. All e-mail, address books, pictures, music, videos, and even programs like iTunes and Microsoft Office are automatically copied over from the old PC and installed, ready-to-use, one the new PC.


While PCmover is perfect for the do-it-yourself person, Laplink also offers Concierge for those who are looking for a less hands on approach. Available at a lower cost than other PC migration services, Laplink Concierge is the only remote set up service that includes a complete transfer of data and applications to a new PC. A trained, professional technician walks users through the entire new PC setup process, including connecting a monitor, setting up internet access, a home network, and other devices connected to the new PC. Laplink’s expert technician will finish off the process by remotely transferring all selected files, programs, and personal settings from the old PC to the new one.

Don’t let a new PC bring your holiday spirits down. Make a new PC stress-free with the gift of PCmover or Concierge.

Are you moving from Windows XP or Vista? Get PCmover for free here

Buy Concierge here

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