The Heartbleed Bug: A Note from Laplink


The OpenSSL project team announced a serious security vulnerability, known now as the Heartbleed bug, on April 7th. We wanted to officially address concerns about purchasing products from Laplink online.

All purchases made through our secure 128-bit encrypted chatroom or online store are completely safe! While our security hasn’t been compromised by Heartbleed, we are actively monitoring our system to ensure that your personal information remains secure at all times. Continue reading

World Backup Day

March 31 was World Backup Day. It is a good reminder every year that most people do not back up their PC data regularly.


We forget that some of our data is fairly unique: family pictures, financial data , important write-ups, music, and videos. The hardware has become very reliable, but hard drives and PCs (or Macs) do fail. Often the first sign of a failure is too late and the data is corrupted and irretrievable. According to some well-known research, only 6% of users back up their data on a daily basis. Daily backups might not be the answer for most of us, but a regular backup is as necessary as locking your house or car.

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Windows 8 – Ramping Up for Another Beta Candidate

Here at Laplink we love new technology. As a software company it’s in our blood to be on the hunt for interesting or impactful developments in the tech world. And as a Gold-Certified partner of Microsoft, much of the software we create helps to better the experience users and businesses have with Microsoft products. Because of these two points we are very excited about Windows 8 and what it will mean to consumer’s world-wide. And if Windows 8 is doing anything, it’s generating some impactful discussion. Just check out this recent developer’s blog post regarding some recent UI changes. It’s more of a short-novel than a blog post, but interesting none-the-less.

We’re certainly getting closer to the rumored October release of Windows 8 (though nothing has been officially announced). In the next few weeks there is expected to be much more discussion regarding the final version and remaining beta candidates of Microsoft’s newest OS. Back in April we were told that the Windows 8 Release Preview would be landing in early June, and it just so happens that on June 6th Microsoft’s Steven Guggenheimer will be delivering a keynote address at Computex TAIPEI. Hopefully it will be here that we get a good preview or even a release announcement for the Release Preview of Windows 8.

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Laplink Turns 29 Week 3 Prizes

Today is a big day for not only Laplink, but lovers of excellent software worldwide. You guessed right, it’s our third Weekly Prize Giveaway! Get those entries in by sharing, liking, and commenting on our Facebook wall posts or tweeting according to the rules on our Laplink Turns 29 page.

Today we’ll be giving away to 7 lucky winners the following prizes:


Laplink Gold + Laplink Cable: Complete connectivity, remote control, file transfer and synchronization.


Laplink Everywhere: One click remote access to your PC!


Vipre Antivirus 2012: 100,000 new viruses and malware threats are created every day, with this antivirus your PC is protected. Continue reading

Laplink Turns 29 Week 2 Prizes

We’re coming up on picking the second round of prize winners today. Smell that in the air? It’s the sweet, sweet scent of quality software. Get those entries in by sharing, liking, and commenting on our Facebook wall posts or tweeting according to the rules on our Laplink Turns 29 page.

Today we’ll be giving away to 7 lucky winners the following prizes:


PCsync + Laplink Cable: The natural choice for fast, easy, automated file transfer and synchronization between PCs and Macs


PC Lock: Powerful and sophisticated encryption that automatically protects personal and sensitive data.


Vipre Antivirus 2012: 100,000 new viruses and malware threats are created every day, with this antivirus your PC is protected. Continue reading

What’s the deal with security and what the heck is encryption?

It seems with every passing month we hear more and more about information leaks from major corporations or some sort of backdoor into the apps we use everyday. Even Apple, long thought to be ‘above’ all that security problem nonsense has recently found an issue causing them to back pedal around holes found in their FileVault system. What do we really have to worry about at home? Are these problems on the rise or is it just something to expect?

Well, a little of both it would seem. In Symantec’s 2011 Threat Landscape Report we are told that malicious attacks jumped 81% in 2011 over 2010 (or more precisely that Symantec caught 81% of the attacks). The report claims that malware-variants, slightly modified malware that bypasses past fixes, also increased in 2011 by 41%. The report goes on to detail some pretty scary numbers pointing to a definite rise in malicious online attacks (but hey, SPAM has precipitously dropped, so, really, we came out on top right? … right?).

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Symantec’s report tends to focus on malicious attacks against user-systems. These are definite issues as the numbers show, but it doesn’t really reflect the problems presented in the opening of this post. These issues arise from mistakes made in code, holes left open that could allow someone to access information we need kept private. This is where encryption steps in.

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The Ease of PCmover

First off we’d like to thank everyone for their comments on our weekly prize post. You guys rock! The winners have been notified, but luckily there are still weeks more of prizes so don’t let up.

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We here at Laplink just plain love good software. Finding (or in our case building) software that eliminates unnecessary headaches or confusion when interacting with your PC is our goal in life. For many years we’ve had our focus turned to PC migration. The transferring of files, settings and applications is what we know how to do better than anyone (humble, but true brag). Every once in a while though we want to give it up to those articles/bloggers out there who also give out a helping hand to users looking to avoid the pain and tedium of transferring to a new PC and/or OS.

Usman Javaid over at wrote an article describing how to easily transfer files and settings using the native Windows Easy Transfer (or WET) utility on Windows. We really enjoyed the article as it helped give people an insight into what they might need to prepare for if they wish to upgrade to Windows 8. If you’re looking to upgrade to Win 8 or Win 7 for that matter, it gives a very detailed look at the WET option for transferring.

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Laplink Turns 29 Week 1 Prizes

We’ve almost reached the first drawing of our month-long Laplink Turns 29 contest and that means its time unveil the the first round of prizes! 

Today we’ll be giving away to 7 lucky winners the following prizes:


PCmover + Laplink Cable: Our top-of-the-line PC migration software. Transfer files, settings, and programs to a new or upgraded PC in no time.


DiskImage: Advanced Backup and Recovery to protect your PC.


Vipre Antivirus 2012: 100,000 new viruses and malware threats are created every day, with this antivirus your PC is protected.


Roboform: Manage multiple logins and passwords effortlessly across your favorite websites and applications. Continue reading

Microsoft Announces a Two-Year Countdown for Windows XP

Laplink Offers Solution for XP Deadline

In a recent post on The Windows Blog, Microsoft has called for users still using Windows XP to upgrade now lest they be left without critical support when Microsoft terminates Extended Support for the long-lasting operating system.

                                    Sayonara XP support, hello Windows 7!

As of April 8th, 2014 Microsoft will be pulling the plug on all support for Windows XP. This means that users of XP will no longer receive any of the following benefits: Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About Syncing

Lifehacker Article Expounds on Syncing Options: We Say, “Look to PCsync.”

With Google Drive being released, there has been a lot of discussion about online storage programs and which ones better allow for syncing files. Is Google going to oust Dropbox out of the cloud-based storage game? Do we have a David v.s. Goliath case on our hands or are these two companies evenly matched?

Intense online-storage battles aside, we’re more interested in how we can help end-users sync their data locally. There are consumers that want to bypass using other companies’ servers or the cloud to store and sync their sensitive data.

The fine folks over at Lifehacker put up an article detailing the different options for syncing files between computers while avoiding storing data online. If someone wants to sync their data without having to upload personal information to the cloud, what can they do? With more and more people today owning multiple PCs and smart devices, the issue of keeping data up-to-date amongst all of them is more relevant than ever.

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