To Encrypt or Not to Encrypt… ENCRYPT!!

As many probably know, we recently released new encryption software called PC Lock™. This software makes encryption easy for anyone, but do a lot of people still think that the process is reserved for secret agents and spies? Probably, but that’s not a personally smart way of thinking. Computerworld UK just posted a story the other day that could affect millions of people in the region.

The story discusses that an UNENCRYPTED laptop containing medical data for 8.63 million people had gone missing from a hospital in London. The laptop included details on 18 million hospital visits over an unknown period of time.

Can you imagine being one of those 8 million people? Going to the doctor is a very private matter and you rely on the hospital taking the correct measures to make sure your private information is kept that way. This goes for the information that you have direct control over as well.

With the growing number of data insecurity cases, such as the hack on Sony’s® Playstation Network™ leaving millions of people’s information open for the taking, it is more important now than ever to take control. While not everything is in our direct control, it is important to take strict measures to make sure that our information is never out in the open where others can access it. This is where encryption, and PC Lock, comes in to play.

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