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Never get caught with a crashed computer and a loss of all your data! Create a perfect image of your files, settings, and applications with DiskImage. Or quickly and easily restore your PC and recover lost or damaged files. DiskImage is that software you hope you never need, but you’re thankful for when you do!


Laplink’s DiskImage even restores your old PC’s data to a new PC with different hardware using our built-in Hardware Independent Restore feature. So you aren’t just protecting data: you’re securing your entire PC. When you restore an image, the old PC’s setup is restored along with the data, whether it is onto the same PC or onto another one.

Other features of DiskImage include advanced burning methods: you can store your image on CDs, DVDs, Blue-Ray Discs® or any other external media! Another feature to take advantage of is the built-in scheduler to automatically create full or incremental images of your PC, even while it’s in use.

DiskImage is the perfect solution to protect against unforeseen data loss. Quickly and easily restore your PC or use DiskImage to recover damaged or lost files due to corrupted systems, viruses, hackers or other malware. Buy it today for only ten bucks!

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