Backup Your Data with Laplink’s Newest Version of DiskImage

Data loss can happen to anyone. Whether it’s an accidental coffee spill, a power surge, or a particularly nasty bit of malware, data loss usually strikes without warning.

That’s why Laplink is happy to announce that a new, improved version of Laplink DiskImage is readily available!

DiskImage Left

Most PC users don’t think about data backup until it’s too late. They don’t think data loss will happen to them, and they think that backing up is too complicated and time-consuming. The good news for those of you who feel the same way is that Laplink DiskImage makes data backup super quick and super easy. It’s perfect for the novice PC user or business person with a cramped schedule.

Here are some of the new features you can check out in the latest update of Laplink DiskImage:

  • Enhanced 1-Click Imaging – Start backing up your entire computer with just one click!
  • Plug-and-Play – Select files and folders to automatically backup and synchronize.
  • Automatic Monitoring – Laplink DiskImage will warn you if you haven’t backed up your data in a while.
  • Enhanced Selectivity – Back everything up each and every time, or just backup data that has changed since the last time you ran Laplink DiskImage. Restore all your data, or restore individual files.
  • Enhanced Capability – Standard ISO files can be mounted as data image files and VHDs. VHD images from Microsoft can be converted into DiskImage files and vice versa. EFI/EUFI systems are now supported.
  • Optimized Storage – Specify the maximum number of backups to keep. Once you hit your max, older backups are automatically overwritten.
  • Machine Independent Restoration – Restore a system onto different hardware when disaster strikes your PC.

Want fool-proof protection? PCmover Image & Drive Assistant complements Laplink DiskImage perfectly, especially with Windows XP end of support quickly approaching. Archive your old XP computer and use PCmover Image & Drive Assistant to safely migrate to a new operating system.

PCmover Image and Drive Assistant Left

While other image restoration hardware replaces your new Windows system with a copy of the old one, PCmover Image & Drive Assistant gives you the unique ability to restore any image or hard drive to a new PC without overwriting anything, including the operating system. With PCmover Image & Drive Assistant, you can bring all your programs, files, and settings from the old image (or hard drive) to your new PC quickly and hassle-free, without the risk of corrupting the new operating system on your new PC.

Instant downloads of Laplink DiskImage and PCmover Image & Drive Assistant are available at Retail versions of Laplink DiskImage are available through a variety of software retailers in the United States for under $40 and includes PCmover Image & Drive Assistant at no additional charge.

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