Laplink Launches Revamped Partner Program

Laplink logo largeToday we announced that we are re-launching our partner program with even more savings offered to IT service providers and software resellers. As Laplink partners, clients will achieve discounts of up to 60% off regular prices on popular products like PCmover® Professional and the USB 3.0 Hard Drive Transfer Cable (SATA and IDE compatible).

Once partners enroll, they instantly receive 20% off of their purchases of Laplink software on single license products. They also receive 30% off of retailing pricing for 5, 10, and 25 multi-license packs. Partners additionally have access to exclusive monthly discounts offered by us, regularly achieving savings of up to 60% off of prices.

Aside from attractive pricing, Laplink partners receive a variety of other benefits. They are provided with a dedicated account manager to oversee their purchases, answer questions, assist with setup, and help with purchasing decisions. They also get access to a VIP technical support person at Laplink who is available to walk them through any unforeseen issues.

We have also restructured the partner portal enabling the direct purchase of anything from the selection of downloadable and physical software. The partner portal also helps partners keep track of past purchases and make repeat orders in just one click.

Partners also have full access and permissions to use our brand name and logos: a major benefit coming from a veteran in the software industry.

To learn more about Laplink’s partner program and to apply, visit Laplink’s website. Free licenses for internal training and testing are available after sign up. Contact with any questions, and start improving your bottom line!

Laplink Joins Open Interconnect Consortium

open interconnect consortium

Laplink is excited to announce joining with 31 other companies in the Open Interconnect Consortium. As a leader in PC migration and connectivity for over 30 years, Laplink is looking forward to participating and offering insights on how to optimize the Internet of Things and bring new applications and technologies to market.

A non-profit organization founded by leaders of technology, the Open Interconnect Consortium aims to define connectivity requirements and ensure interoperability of the billions of devices that will be a part of the Internet of Things.

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Move to Windows 10 Technical Preview Free

Are you testing out Windows 10 Technical Preview? Good news! Laplink is offering PCmover Express for free!

windows 10 technical preview

Just like in Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Technical Preview doesn’t support a variety of migration scenarios. As a partner with and supporter of Microsoft, Laplink is cooperating with Microsoft to make using Windows 10 Technical Preview as easy and productive as possible.

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